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  1. sonar

    Marshall Lead 12 5005

    Hard to find one that is working, but the Mosfet 100 did the 80's Marshall thing fairly well. Pick response could be a little "meh" for the player, but the projection was pretty decent.
  2. sonar

    Marshall Lead 12 5005

    You could pull the chassis out and hit the pots with deoxit (make sure it's the type WITH lubricant) but you might be able to get away with just adjusting them with a full sweep with the amp on, every time you play the amp. Fun amps. I always liked the Lead 12, even when my opinion was too far...
  3. sonar


    OD's often do one thing well. This is why so many of us have accumulated a couple dozen, or more. And that isn't counting fuzz boxes, distortion pedals, treble boosters, etc. Not something I recommend doing, but collecting often just happens over time. Very few "multi" dirt boxes are any good...
  4. sonar

    NAD : Reeves Custom 12 PS

    I keep reading great reviews on the low watt Reeves. I'd love to play one. Congrats!
  5. sonar

    JTM45s low end....

    It's not lack of, but focus for me with bass response on early JTM45 flavored amps. Even on the bigger EL34 quartet "100" watters I preferred to sacrifice some gain and go with a Super Bass circuit. While not for everyone, the AB165 tightens things up... cheaper too. The downside with '165's...
  6. sonar

    Who's The LOUDEST One Of All?

    Hire a roadie for me and pay for earplugs to hand out to the audience (for free) and I'd be happy to pull the Super Lead/Twin Reverb setup out of mothballs.
  7. sonar

    5F1 Champ Build - Info & Parts List

    I used to hate 8" speakers and purposely built my Vibro Champ with a 10", but have grown to kinda like 8" speakers for some things. The turret board vs. eyelet is actually an argument, with some claiming tag boards are part of the sound and vibe of the original Fender amps. They do get a...
  8. sonar

    Peavey Classic 20

    My memory is a little fuzzy, but I think there was some love for the 20. Iirc the combo was discontinued in the early 00's. It might be worth the asking price.
  9. sonar

    Show your little 5 watters!!!

    I never bothered taking a picture of my HT1R (MKI), so web grab...
  10. sonar

    NGD - Fender MIM Squier Series

    Nice! Those asian bridges can get a little wonky with intonation, but if your tech can intonate, no worries. Tuners are tuners. I can't get too excited one way or the other if they work.
  11. sonar

    Help deciding on a practice amp.

    The Blackstar HT1R's, at least MKI, are a blast to play with a Les Paul. The 12AU7 push/pull is kind of a weird, narrow kind of "tone" with lots of gain, but once your ears get used to it the crunch tone is a really good time. I hate playing with headphones, so can't help you there.
  12. sonar

    Building a Marshall 2204 JCM800 50W Clone

    Another build thread! Always a happy day.
  13. sonar

    New Sound City amps?

    I thought they were pretty cool sounding amps. Unbearably loud, but cool nonetheless. Iirc, some needed a commonly known mod that reduced hiss. Other than that, I believe they were stable amps. As recently as 10 years ago you could pick one up for almost nothing. The early Reeves models had a...
  14. sonar

    modeling amp, vs. software vs. modeling stomp or rack

    You'll probably get a better responses in the Squawk's Amp Modeling sub-forum.
  15. sonar

    Suggest me a Vibe pedal.

    That's been my experience. I've got an early Mojovibe that sounds fantastic with a Strat. The LP, I stick with the Script Logo 90 flavoring.
  16. sonar

    Two quick gear acquisition questions about tuners and speaker cables

    Good point. I'd also be careful with nitro finishes. Fine for on/off, but I don't leave clip-on's attached to a nitro headstock for longer than necessary... probably a factor why I went through so many.
  17. sonar

    Two quick gear acquisition questions about tuners and speaker cables

    When they aren't broken Snark's work great. And again, part of my experience is clumsiness. That said, I've dropped, dragged and lightly abused the TC. It still works after a few years. Accessibility to the screen view is limited, but it's a proper metal clip with a spring and I don't worry...
  18. sonar

    Two quick gear acquisition questions about tuners and speaker cables

    Had 3 SN-8's in consecutive order. The swivel base cracked apart on 2 of them and the other just died (and annoyingly I bought a replacement battery). I didn't even get 6 months of use out of the 3 tuners. (The longest lasting Snark I owned was one of the cheap, $5 models, which lasted maybe 5...
  19. sonar

    Two quick gear acquisition questions about tuners and speaker cables

    I had terrible luck with Snark and pretty much any other cheap clip on tuner. None of them lasted more than a few months, either because of my clumsiness or mechanical failure. I've had a TC Electronics Clip On for a few years now and it's proven to be pretty durable. I had a 6 foot speaker...
  20. sonar

    5E8-A Goodness

    Nice and tidy. Good job on the rewire! Looks like you replaced a couple things? The faint noise might be as simple as lifting a wire with with a chopstick. It could be a hundred different things, but 99 of them are going to be minor.