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  1. Sharp

    Two customs, different birds.

    I realized a couple of months ago that I own two customs. Hadn’t thought about it before. 1966 SG and 1982 Les Paul. They both have gold hardware and ebony fretboard’s, mother of pearl rectangle inlays that start at the first fret, and the split diamond inlay on the headstock. The TRC says...
  2. Sharp

    Strange Les Paul type thing

    Saw this on my local for sale site. Not sure what to make of it.
  3. Sharp

    Pls help me date my custom

    image by Sharp posted Dec 6, 2013 at 1:10 AMhello wise people of the forum. I have owned this SG for 35 years and I don't know it's date of birth.
  4. Sharp

    replacing knobs question

    I have a 2011 335 with the witch hat/ speed knobs, and a 2006 Les Paul Special with speed knobs. I can't pinky-dial the witch hat speed/ knobs on my 335 very well. I keep missing. It's like I need a speed knob there. And on the Les Paul, the speed knobs are too big. When I change the volume, I...
  5. Sharp

    NGD '82 custom pearl sparkle

    Picked this locally just before Christmas. I am calling it a pearl sparkle, but I don't really know the real colour name. It's quite yellow, more so than an alpine white at this age. Has a bit of sparkle in the finish, like my gold top. It has the winding tuners, 7 position bridge, ebony...
  6. Sharp

    NGD 2012 Traditional GT

    I actually bought this in September but it needs an introduction here. The fellow I got it from had done a bunch of mods to it. Bone nut, '50's wiring with a new harness (cts), and Sanford Magnetics 44 pups. It's my first big neck LP, and I like. Really a great guitar, solid and clean. Can't say...
  7. Sharp

    NGD: j45, yeah!!!

    Just picked up a new acoustic guitar, a 2011 j45. The condition is good over all, I want to buff out some pick marks and it's structurally sound. I bought it from Long and McQuade today, I requested it from the 'Peg a week ago. It cost $30.00 CAD to bring it half way cross the continent for...
  8. Sharp

    2007 es335 is my ngd

    Cherry red, flame top w/ 57s, lots of binding, and, "60's" neck. I picked this up here in Guelph about a month ago. I can't put it down. It's like my les Paul in that it is better than me, that is, it can handle all the digging I care to do. Some guitars "tap out" when the going gets rough. A...
  9. Sharp

    2007 Memphis 335 history question.

    Hello, i have that guitar, and I can't find definitive information on it's components. I have looked online and can't see the advertising/paperwork that attends this axe. What AAAAAA top is the vaneer?; what is the wiring diagram, how thick is the holy headstock veneer? If one of you kind souls...
  10. Sharp

    Op-Ed; aim for the broke-neck guitar

    I have a headsnap guitar. It's an old axe, repaired sometime in the sixties/seventies. I bought it back in the day. It's a '66 ('67?) SG Custom. The one in my avatar, on my page. The reason I could afford it in 1982 was, I suppose, because it had a headstock break. Best guitar purchase I've...
  11. Sharp

    Poor man's gibson collection

    I love the Gibson guitar but can't afford even a Les Paul standard. I have, however, found a work-around: I've bought a headstock repair guitar; a Studio, and a Les Paul Special DC. I also just added a 335. The latter cost $200.00 les than a used Standard. I am fairly frugal, (read; family man...
  12. Sharp

    my '66-'67 sg custom

    This is my old SG, I've had it since 1981. It's original except for the strap pin on the bottom, which I swapped for a strap-loc, and the trem screw. The lacquer has chipped off the headstock inlay a bit and it has various dings and dents. The headstock suffered a serious break at some point...
  13. Sharp

    I have everything but a les paul

    I have three gibson Les Pauls that aren't really the real thing. Do I need one? The answer is YES. I have a 2005 special DC with p90's, a 1987 studio standard with Tim Shaw pups, bound ebony fretboard and three piece top, and, a 1970 SG custom. Each is in my avatar. The acoustic is a 1970 Blue...