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    Don't F##k with Cats

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    So what are you listening to?

    Just picked this up yesterday.
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    Famous Bands, Bad Coverz

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    Famous Bands, Bad Coverz

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    So sorry for your loss Freddie.
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    jokes & funnies.

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    jokes & funnies.

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    jokes & funnies.

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    That Guitar You Still Can't Believe You Own?

    Back in the early 80's, Tom Turrisi, the owner of a local guitar shop, started his own line of guitars. He primarily focused on left-handed instruments, as, in those days, there weren't many to be found at any price, let alone the "budget" range. That said, he also had right-handed guitars...
  10. Shane MW-260 Label.JPG

    Shane MW-260 Label.JPG

  11. Shane MW-260 Resized.jpg

    Shane MW-260 Resized.jpg

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    Wonder Woman 1984

    Big portions of this movie was filmed at a mall that's closed down in Alexandria, VA. In the adjacent parking garage, the film company had a lot of period-correct cars and other vehicles. A friend and I were snooping around and were met up with security. They were actually really cool - let...
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    The most discussed guitarists and their tones

    Kirk Hammett :welcome:
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    Don Cherry fired from Hockey Night In Canada

    Definitely not. I would say though that advocating for people who have served is different from making statements against people you perceive are not showing appropriate respect. I think the thing that is most offensive about Cherry's comments is the concept that "spending a couple of bucks"...
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    Don Cherry fired from Hockey Night In Canada

    And Don Cherry served how many years in the Canadian military?
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    this is why you shouldn't do acid

    Also to avoid whilst tripping: Swimming. Particularly in a crowded public pool. Experiencing a nosebleed. Making a court appearance. Witnessing a litter of kittens being born. Some lessons of a misspent youth to pass along....
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    this is why you shouldn't do acid

    Brings back memories. Or something.
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    Very interesting

    I wonder if he's met "Barbie" yet. Yes, this is a real person....
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    That Slow Middle Finger

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    worst commute day of the year

    Yup, this morning's commute was a real peach. Just wait until Amazon HQ gets up and running - 25,000 more white-knucklers added to the fun...