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  1. Cozmik Cowboy


    I have just learned - not jive, Clive - that Nov. 27 is National Electric Guitar Day! I am sure we can all come up with appropriate commemorations (I suggested a new guitar would work, but She seems more inclined to me spending the day cleaning, restringing, and playing the electrics I have......)
  2. Cozmik Cowboy

    Well, what do you know?

    I just watched a quasi-documentary called Turn It Up: A Celebration Of The Electric Guitar, hosted by Kevin Bacon. It was a pleasant enough diversion, but aimed at a general audience; not really made with a guitar geek in mind. I did, however, learn something new from it: It seems Henry the...
  3. Cozmik Cowboy

    I am devastated

    Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter, who as far as I'm concerned is one of 2 valid contenders for the title Greatest English Language Poet (the other being Townes Van Zandt), passed away yesterday at age 78. The world is a much, much darker place today.
  4. Cozmik Cowboy

    Now that's a street!

    Yesterday my Garmin couldn't handle a closed railroad crossing, and I ended up, quite unintentionally and equally fortuitously, driving through Waukesha, WI, on Les Paul Parkway. Too cool!
  5. Cozmik Cowboy

    New favorite version...

    Huh - can't get the vid to link; could a mod scratch this thread, please/ I'll try again later.
  6. Cozmik Cowboy

    Guitars & hockey

    If anyone watched the Stanley Cup game last night, can you tell me what that ES-150/Century-looking thing was that Gary Clark Jr. was playing just before the game? Even on my buddy's roll-down 10' projector screen, I couldn't make out the logo, except to know it didn't look familiar. Thanks.
  7. Cozmik Cowboy

    Free at last!

    I am thrilled to pass on the news that today the Illinois General Assembly voted to end cannabis prohibition; Gov expected to sign over the weekend, takes effect 1/1/20.
  8. Cozmik Cowboy

    Happy Birthday Reddy Kilowatt!

    OK, it's kind of freaking me out to say this, but - The World's Greatest Electric Bassist Ever, the incomparable Mr. Phillip Chapman Lesh, is 79 years old today!
  9. Cozmik Cowboy

    Oh, the humanity!!!

    So tonight we went to see Her nephew in Mama Mia. Yes, that's (1) a high school production of (2) a musical (3) rom-com (4) based on ABBA songs. Gawd, the shit we do for family.....................
  10. Cozmik Cowboy

    Just wondering

    Am I the only old fart who still does his Jeopardy references as "I'll take XXX for $YYY, Art"?
  11. Cozmik Cowboy

    I know I saw it.....

    Somewhere, on one of the guitar-oriented fora I frequent, there was a pic of an SG with a U-bolt in the neck joint; can someone please point me at it? Thanks.
  12. Cozmik Cowboy

    Philosphical point

    I would like to put forth the proposition that any list of mankind's greatest achievements is criminally incomplete if it doesn't include the frayed denim miniskirt. Just sayin'.
  13. Cozmik Cowboy

    The essential truth of the universe

    "Pop says 'F**k me', rock says 'F**k you!'" Chrissie Hynde
  14. Cozmik Cowboy


    Lee Baker, Jr., who the world knew as Lonnie Brooks, passed away April 1 at age 83. I had the honor of doing sound for Lonnie numerous times in the early '80s; he was a superb musician, a consummate showman, and a really nice guy.
  15. Cozmik Cowboy


    Herbert Francis Scarpelli passed away today at age 71. At least that was the name his parents gave him (he never really forgave the old man for that "Herbert"); he had many others. When he was in the radio room on the USS Kearsarge & received the order to fake the Gulf of Tonkin incident, he was...
  16. Cozmik Cowboy

    Best album titles

    What are you favorite album titles? Not titles of your favorite albums, just great titles? I'll start with: Incredible String Band - The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter Mothers of Invention - Weasels Ripped My Flesh John Hiatt - John Hiatt Comes Alive At Budikon
  17. Cozmik Cowboy

    You know what we could use?

    A "Like" button Just sayin'.
  18. Cozmik Cowboy

    Strange but good

    OK, somehow I missed Twin Peaks back in '90, but have just discovered it on Netflix. I'm kinda enjoying the David-Lynch-does-a-drive-in-movie thing, but I'm seriously digging the Angelo Badalamenti music!!
  19. Cozmik Cowboy

    Now that just sucks!

    The CD player in my cab died, and as the boss won't fix the windshield washer, I ain't even asking on this one. That means radio - which, here in the cornfields, is not a good thing. There's NPR & progressive talk, but I can only take so much politics. The rest of the dial is pretty much...
  20. Cozmik Cowboy

    Just sayin'

    Cocaine is nothing to sneeze at.