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    The triumph of PC

    Here is the Triumph of my friend Pat Coleman

    How did Edro get to be so wise?

    LOL! I thought it said marshmallors. I had to do a double take. :applause:

    How did Edro get to be so wise?

    ehb (edro) has my vote for VIP status. That is all.

    No more Prince Harry

    TLDR Here is my feeling about people who are born with a gold spoon in their mouth and throw it all away. My words.... "You, who grew up in the most privileged lifestyle, choose to throw it all away?"

    What would the Ebay fees be on this!!?

    Yoo Hoo! Batman, we found your stolen Batmobile.

    My Ferrari Arrived Today

    Not too shabby Dave.... One can see the direct lineage of Minte's 488.

    The Lighthouse

    When I told my wife I was tired of her cooking she didn't say a thing. She just pinned my hand to the table with a butcher knife.

    NGD - Aged 60th 59 Dallas Showcase

    Looks like a real '59. Congrats!

    Rick Nielsens new 59 LP

    Plain top....pass.
  10. THDNUT

    People's names match their occupation

    Magic Johnson wasted the greatest porn name of all.
  11. THDNUT

    Boston: City of Cheaters.

    And it's said cheaters never win. Bwahaha!
  12. THDNUT

    Holy Cow That Tone! Eastman T64/V TT

    Here's my T 59/v. I'm very happy I bought it.
  13. THDNUT

    The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

    Just stopping by. I see Fardwark is still the foul mouth bloke I've grown to love. :rofl:
  14. THDNUT

    Phil X is now a Gibson artist/endorsee/whatever it is called... : P

    Phil is effin' awesome, so versatile. I really like his take on "Free Ride", it's such a difficult guitar riff to play. :shock:
  15. THDNUT

    Chicago's Coyote attacks continue, everybody hide.

    Are those, by chance, the dreaded chin beard dipshits?
  16. THDNUT

    How to put Chibson out of business

    Post #6 indicates someone (or some people) have put a lot of work into making fun of Chibsons. :laugh2: I think chibsons are a good thing. Some poor 14 year old budding guitarist can have a somewhat decent guitar to learn on while fooling people that they're the offspring of rich parents...
  17. THDNUT

    Elon is going to save the world! forbes

    She looks like Miley Cyrus' inbred cousin. :shock: