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  1. GitFiddle

    From the people who brought you "person hole covers"...

    Who in the hell says "unironically"? These are the whackos teaching young people today.
  2. GitFiddle

    Learning Songs By Ear

    I once read an interview with Greg Allman. He talked about how his brother Duane would learn guitar riffs off of albums. Greg said Duane would move the record back with his big toe when repeating phrases over and over.
  3. GitFiddle

    Analysis Paralysis: I Can't Decide Which R8 to Keep

    Put on a blindfold. Have a third party mix the two. Keep playing both until you decide on the one that makes you happy.
  4. GitFiddle

    Tube Amp Myths

    Do Matchless amps use matched tubes?
  5. GitFiddle

    This makes sense for a Friday.

    Somewhere on Ebay I'm sure someone is selling "Bag-O-Dicks"
  6. GitFiddle

    This coming weekends shows

    Good luck and hope it turns out great. Having backup is the best way to ensure nothing goes wrong. I carry two guitars to every gig and keep a spare amp head behind the seat in my truck. That came in real handy at one gig when my amp did nothing when I turned it on.
  7. GitFiddle

    Favorite Hot Dog?

    These are amazing right off a hot grill...
  8. GitFiddle

    What Grill Should I Get?

    I have the basic entry level Weber "Spirit". Its all I need. I use it at least once or twice a week, all year round. Even in the snow. Best grill I've ever had. Probably going on 5 years now. Not a bit of rust or corrosion anywhere. Love it.
  9. GitFiddle

    tuner troubles....

    Just load the app on your phone. Works great.
  10. GitFiddle

    What Would You Do Part II

    I would report him to the hotel for implicit bias, then I would kick him in the groin in self defense...
  11. GitFiddle

    College student cries 'bias' after receiving hello in Japanese

    ...and you can be certain the offended student is just stupid enough to continue eating at that same restaurant. Never piss off the staff unless you are done eating with no plans to return.
  12. GitFiddle

    Tribute 50s LP with P-90s

    I have a 2013 50s Tribute Tobacco burst. Really nice guitar. Mine has a pretty thick neck, but not quite as thick as my R7. I've been thinking about selling mine. I just don't play it much anymore. Been kind of partial to my 2016 Trad and R7. I can check the stats on mine when I get home this...
  13. GitFiddle

    How much will removing overs on unpotted pickups help with squeal?

    From what I understand, a microphonic pickup can be caused by the cover or damaged windings. In my case the stock bridge pickup on a 99 R7 would squeal at stage volumes with a full band. I removed the cover and it stopped. There was some old looking goo inside the cover. I got the impression it...
  14. GitFiddle

    Did I Just Buy A Fake Les Paul Custom? 2003 LPC Content and Pics

    The original holes probably got stripped so they just made three more
  15. GitFiddle

    Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorsese

    And don't forget he is a Traveling Wilbury.
  16. GitFiddle

    dont drive like an a*shole

    Ever since I began driving, the best part of it was getting away from phones and people trying to reach you. Now people slow down so the light will turn red so they can read and text. Bizzaro world!
  17. GitFiddle

    1956 and 1959 types...

    Just an update. Still gigging with this guitar pretty much every weekend. Still plays like a dream. Haven't done a thing to it other than change strings (and wipe the neck down after each set). Even then I replace one string at a time so nothing changes. It stays on a stand in my living room all...
  18. GitFiddle

    Fake News & White Supremacy in MLB

    I remember that going on since HS back in 72. Nothing to do with racism at all. If they had panned the camera up, he might even have said "F* her right in the p*ssy".
  19. GitFiddle

    Don't Play Guitar Anymore

    Around '99 I just got fed up dealing with all the crap playing in local bands. I quit playing altogether. I didn't even pick up a guitar more than maybe once in a month, if that. This lasted about ten years, just working the day job and raising kids. Around 2010 an old friend called out of the...