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  1. guitaraddict

    2005 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty w/Bigsby.

    2005 Gibson Les Paul Custom w/Bigsby. Very good player condition. I got this one from a touring Nashville musician, it has seen much love and has some serious mojo. A beautiful natural light Relic. Has some honest play wear but nothing I would consider bad. The worst being a blem on the back...
  2. guitaraddict

    WTB: Gibson Historic Pickup Rings And Switch Washer.

    Looking for a set of Historic rings and switch washer. Does anyone have any in their parts drawer that they want to get rid of? :) Thanks for looking.
  3. guitaraddict

    Gibson Les Paul CM w/ Upgrades.

    Pics with upgrades.
  4. guitaraddict

    WTB: UPDATED - 2001-2019 Gibson R8

    There’s a player ‘02 on Reverb. Great year! $2600 obo.
  5. guitaraddict

    Please delete. Thanks.

    No longer looking. Please delete. Thanks.
  6. guitaraddict

    Gibson Les Paul CM w/ Upgrades.

    2015 Gibson Les Paul CM. Near mint. I can’t see any blems. I was very surprised at how nice this guitar plays, great neck and frets. $140 in upgrades. Awesome for the cash. Burstbucker ‘61 pickup. Upgraded Tonepros adjustable locking bridge, Grover Keystone 18:1 tuners, blank truss rod cover...
  7. guitaraddict

    Gibson G Force Tuners.

    Just pulled from a NOS LP CM. $40 shipped.
  8. guitaraddict

    Please Delete. Thanks.

    Please delete. Thanks.
  9. guitaraddict

    SOLD. 2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard Raw Power. Killer!

    Price drop. Awesome Standard here.
  10. guitaraddict

    SOLD. 2014 Gibson Les Paul VOS R9. Iced Tea.

    2014 Gibson Les Paul VOS R9. Iced Tea. Very near mint condition. I can’t find a blem on it besides the common cracks on the inside of the volume/tone knobs. Typical VOS finish. No fret wear. All stock, Custom Buckers, etc. Weighs 8.7 lbs. Plays incredible. This is the best LP I own or have...
  11. guitaraddict

    SOLD. 2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard Raw Power. Killer!

    2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard Raw Power. Excellent condition. Hardware has some common very light wear. Super clean for a 2001. No fret wear. 490R/498T Pickups. 50’s neck but not huge. Weighs 9.4 lbs. Upgraded locking Tonepros bridge with Graphtech String Saver Saddles and Tonepros locking...
  12. guitaraddict

    Sold Pending Payment. 2018 Gibson Les Paul Traditional. Lightweight And Nice Upgrades.

    I just picked this up from fellow forum brother, jstarr823. Unfortunately my LPC that I have listed here surprisingly isn’t selling so I’m going to see if this one has any luck. This thing has awesome upgrades and is a ridiculous guitar for the money. No stock Traditional will touch it IMO. I’m...
  13. guitaraddict

    2019 Gibson Les Paul Classic.

    2019 Gibson Les Paul Classic. Heritage Cherry Burst. Very nice vintage looking top with blister flame throughout. Excellent lightly used condition. Very clean all around, has some typical light scratches/swirls, a few very small pen tip sized indention. No eyesore dings or deep scratches. Frets...
  14. guitaraddict

    Please delete. Thanks.

    Thanks brother! Still here.
  15. guitaraddict

    Please delete. Thanks.

    Still available for now. A few tempting trade offers.
  16. guitaraddict

    SOLD. Bare Knuckle Black Dog Pickups. Rare Double Cream Bobbins.

    I have a pair of Bare Knuckle Black Dog Pickups w/very rare double cream bobbins coming in that I received as part of a trade deal. Awesome pickups but I don’t have a immediate use for them. Figured I’d see if anyone here is interested. Sold. The Black Dog humbucker is designed for players...