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    It's too bad this off duty cop didn't do a Billy Jack beatdown on these teenage punks

    The climate change protesters are disrupting Black Friday commerce around the world :facepalm:

    I was sipping some old scotch whisky in my garage just now ...

    and looking at my beloved Harley Davidson. I just love this bike, 39,000 miles on the clock and it's still going strong. I've owned it for 27 months now and it's only had a few small issues that were covered under warranty. One can see the direct visual lineage from the 1936 HD EL Knucklehead...


    I bought a new Eastman T 59/v yesterday!

    Make no mistake, the guitar stand is NOT included

    Saw this in the LA Craigslist ads. You're buying the $4,000 LP, NOT the $15 guitar stand.:rofl:

    Fact Checking Greta


    RIP Aspen Pittman


    WTH is wrong with some people?


    Poppy's back

  10. THDNUT

    I hope Scott is alright

    Just saw this:
  11. THDNUT

    Heartwarming story of love

    I have to admit I teared up a bit reading this.
  12. THDNUT

    My bro from Ohio is in town

    My older brother and wife are in town for the MLB spring training. They are staying at my house for the next week. We went to Total Wine yesterday to get some refreshments. He picked up 4 bottles of wine too but, that doesn't interest me. :laugh2:
  13. THDNUT

    Tragic accident

    This is just too bad. RIP
  14. THDNUT

    Frogfur has 5 threads on the first page of the Backstage

    Discuss :laugh2:
  15. THDNUT

    Hey Lt. Dave....

    Can you make me a guitar like this?
  16. THDNUT

    It's Black Friday!

    Spend! Spend! Spend! I just bought a new 55" TV from for $299. Well, I bought it last week. Awesome picture! I'm very happy with it.
  17. THDNUT

    Lots of rain headed my way!

    Hurricane Rosa should send a good amount of rain to Phoenix (and AZ) in the next two days. That's great news to me. My rain gauge recorded a total of 2.2 inches of rain for the whole summer. :( I'm pretty stoked :rock: Ooom Papa Mao Mao! :cheers2: :h5:
  18. THDNUT

    Kawasaki H2R superbike beats F-16, Formula 1 car, and others in a drag race

    :wow: :rock:
  19. THDNUT

    Anyone want to go Paramotoring?

    I found Tucker Gott on You Tube recently. He has posted a boatload of videos of himself paramotoring. They are fun to watch. This video features a mountain range that's about 60 miles due east of my house. I did some hiking in the Superstitions back in the mid '70s and always wondered what the...
  20. THDNUT

    Weather Channel guy gets caught hyping the hurricane

    This is just what Roberteaux and Lt. Dave were talking about after the last Florida hurricane. :run: :rofl: