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    Australian Bush Fire Update

    Not going to write a whole lot of words on this one, as words can't do justice to cover the devastation. All I can say is a heartfelt massive thanks to all the Fire Crews across our Nation, many of whom are Volunteers, including many from overseas...
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    Pennsylvania - Reprehensible Behaviour of Young Deer "Hunters"

    TD's Thread with the Deer Video, reminded of a Video I saw several days back on my Instagram which, IMHO, was disgusting. As I commented in the earlier Thread, I'm fine with Hunting in a professional manner with a clean kill, eat what you kill etc. etc. but this is beyond a joke. My...
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    Bulletproof - Rest In Peace

    Hi guys, just want to find out if anyone has John's ( @bulletproof ) current contact details. I have his Email & Cell but neither is getting any response and his Cell is no longer valid by the looks of things. I just tried calling it a couple of times a few minutes ago & got a Verizon message...
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    Barrie Cadogan Plays a 1959 Gibson Les Paul

    Some great burst playing and great commentary from Barry Cadogan. Enjoy. :cheers2:
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    Tim Pierce / Confessions of an Amp Addict

    A person / player that I have an enormous amount of respect for is Tim Pierce. :thumbs: He's a great player, a gentleman & a gear hound, like many of us here on MLPF. He's also gracious with his time, having helped me with a few things regarding Amps. :) Enjoy the YT Video, from one of the...
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    The Kraken Custom (now you can play it, as well as drink it)!

    Not my cup of tea but the demo was pretty good. I can see a whole bunch of you in the Historic Section will want to rush out & buy this one. ;) :p :D :cheers2:
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    PSA / Metropoulos Supa-Boost - High Voltage Boost Pedal

    Just got this in my Email box today guys, so thought I'd post in case anyone is interested in George's new Pedal. :cheers2: P.S. No affiliation
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    Dylan Roche (first time for the 14 year old's stand up at the Helium Club)

    My Wife just showed me this from 2016. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I thought it was pretty funny & seeing as how Dylan was only 14 years old, he might have a big future ahead of him. :cheers2:
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    Brenda's Beaver

    My Wife just showed me this on her Laptop...............:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Enjoy the laugh. :D :cheers2:
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    Time & what we do with it - this will make you think.

    Our Daughter has been working in London for almost 4 years. We have caught up twice here in Australia and my Wife spent 2 weeks with her in Europe on a separate trip. On exactly the 4th of May 2019, our Daughter will return home for good...........on the same day she flew out of Australia 4...
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    Nuts on the Line........Indian Commentator!

    My Darling Wife just sent me this link, which is freaking hilarious. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: As a male I can seriously feel for the Soccer player in the YT Clip but the Commentator is so funny. Enjoy...........but don't forget a moments silence for the player..........we've all been...
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    Outstanding Christmas Video by Elton John / John Lewis & Partners 2018

    In a word...................outstanding. :thumbs: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: Enjoy. :) :cheers2:
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    Mastercard........Priceless & Home Made Gunpowder.

    I'm sure many here have seen these but I found them while searching for some old files on a drive I had. Pretty hilarious IMHO. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :cheers2:
  14. RAG7890

    Ray Butts on the creation of the Humbucker.

    Just came through on Reverb, interesting article on the history of the Humbucker. Ray in on the RHS of this pic. "Ray with an Echosonic amp built for Scotty Moore" Interesting...
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    Mobile Phones & Human Stupidity

    My Wife just showed this to me an hour ago & it reminded me of an incident last week. We had a Green Light & the Pedestrian had a Red Don't Walk, so what did he do? He was reading something on his Phone & just walked straight out in to the Traffic. As luck would have it, we missed him by...
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    Vault Sessions / Jack Pearson / '58 Flying V / '59 Burst / Todd Sharp JOAT 20RT

    A few more awesome Vault Sessions Videos, thanks to the Songbirds Foundation. What a great Guitar player Jack Pearson is..........some great tones here. :thumbs: :applause: :applause: :applause: Enjoy. :) :cheers2:
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    Australian firefighters shot at while battling US wildfire

    You guys have some serious wack jobs in the North West. :eek2: :shock: :eek: :wtf: :facepalm: "Two Australian firefighters, on patrol with US Forest Service personnel...
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    Vault Sessions / Ryan Wariner / '59 Burst / Todd Sharp JOAT 20RT

    This is an awesome demo of a great sounding '59 Les Paul & great sounding Amp. :thumbs: You can actually hear what a great Les Paul is really capable of doing.........with some very iconic tones coming out of this Burst. Certainly one of the best demos I have ever heard. :) Also a big...
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    Gibson, real Guitars for real Players.

    This is pretty funny...........good Video. :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: I wonder if Gibson has actually learned anything over the last few years. :cheers2:
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    Japan hit by Typhoon Japan is getting hammered by the weather again, mass evacuations & loads of damage. :( I hope the people are OK & all are safe. :cheers2: