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  1. rogue3

    Fly By Night.Chilliwack.Intro

    I learned something new today!...just sharing.cheers. takes finesse to make it sound exactly right for the song, but this fingering have to find your own best finger moves...arpeggio!!! mine are committed to memory now. :cool2: (sound nice on an open booming Martin D28) [Intro]...
  2. rogue3

    Thumb Joint Injuries.

    yea, i'm talking about the saddle joint at the base of your thumb.Its the appendage that got us humans out of the trees!...and making tools.unique. The injury occurred spontaneously 7 weeks ago after lifting some heavy boxes.the joint already has some wear and tear.and if its your fretting...
  3. rogue3

    Don't You Dare...Communications.

    Split our country up? Not in My Life.Not out the deetz.Canada -Wide.Always States right here...its the glue that keeps us together.thats all. taxpayers can top this up,but,i don't think it will be necessary.let art run wild. add: the argument is, a large corporation...
  4. rogue3

    So,If you had the Wiggle Room...Gas Content 2020.

    post x-mas indulgement,what would it be? I submit, i don't have a plan. no acoustics(Hummingbird briefly on the back burner),maybe another Ho box,idk. practically speaking,one of those '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb reissues would make a lot of long term sense. submit your...
  5. rogue3

    Come, Snow...

    i can feel it.damp, below zero.sitting on the back deck by the inland sea(Lake Ontario)...its coming.and i feel tic,tic,tic...on the back of my hand...go inside... weather radar shows solid wall///otw. k.i don't have to go to work tomorrow! let it snow.everyone else shovel.
  6. rogue3

    82 Airbourne.

    partially deployed.seems the right move.
  7. rogue3

    Head Stock Break...Legit?

    The break is legit...but?? Seems he didn't report it right away? :hmm: But i can't help wondering at this stupidity, so makes me wonder. "Despite flying with more than $12,000...
  8. rogue3

    Bring on 2020!

    Man,all my due diligence is done for once,(within reason,lol!).i didn't think i'd make it.ready to move ready? Cheers to all and Happy New Year!:cheers2:
  9. rogue3

    I Got My Christmas Tree.

    bear in mind,i've done it all before. I give you,The 22 inch,Made In China,Flocked Alpine Tabletop Tree. its magnificent.Comes with ornaments already attached.just add lights. Its a charlie brown tree.perfect.happy holiday! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  10. rogue3

    Billy Squier

    Man,i saw this vid recently...that Les Paul! Santa Monica ,nov 20,1981. i like his kick.
  11. rogue3

    VooDoo Labs 4 channel switcher

    Since it's probably a small group,just a generalization. Any problems with channel(not) kicking in? I have this problem.Share your experience,if any.Seems like a gating thing,'cause i can usually get it to work with a couple of kicks,lol.,or,change in the pedal arrangement,as i've done now. i...
  12. rogue3

    Caramel LesPaul tops,late 80's,anyone?

    ... just a curiosity really.they had a butterscotch tele type thing going with the top finish. At the time,Gibson was bursting out with custom colours, and this was one.rare probably.
  13. rogue3

    leaking hot water tank.

    No bid deal,but just hearing not so bad at all(drip,drip,drip). Damn,what a snag in an otherwise fine saturday afternoon. Covered,rental contract.see how good the order system a service call for 7 to 11 this pm.i'll report back if of life's little annoyances. i...
  14. rogue3

    Does this Tele exist?

    Tobacco Sunburst.White pickguard.Rosewood fretboard/maple neck.No contour.Double bound body,white trim.What Year classic,offered,if any?...any nice repros out there,japan and beyond? lol.what do you know.
  15. rogue3

    i don't know how i can keep up with this(weather)

    minus fucking 12 degrees tonight. a week ago it was 12. the week coming up + 5 high. nuts
  16. rogue3

    A Stratocaster?

  17. rogue3

    So No Swarm?...asteroids.

    heard there was a group headed our way.imaging peaks on saturday.idk otherwise.say what?
  18. rogue3

    Being Led?...Nugent.

    Ted Nugents stranglehold. 4 times this month.I'm being funnelled to this tune. I'm becoming a fan, yet again. i've covered this tune live, in 1993 Hard Rock Cafe Toronto, sunday night...papparazi...stay away...this is my music night!...hey all...have a great life!
  19. rogue3

    Hong Kong.

    This is shaping up to look like Tiananmen, 2019. The optics are incredibly powerful,and threatens to spill out globally, depending on the response. We have a forum brother there,for those that know,hope he is ok. There was a flash demonstration in Taiwan, apparently. We are all intertwined...
  20. rogue3

    Protests in Moscow.

    i think everyone should listen up.chip in with your perspective.