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  1. edselman

    NGD: Originals Collection Les Paul Special

    Many of you have heard of my woeful tale of my return of a Originals Les Paul Junior, my trade up to a Les Paul Special and it's subsequent shipment to the opposite side of the United States from where I live. After it's eleven-day journey to my home, the Special finally arrived on my doorstep...
  2. edselman

    How are new Epiphone sales doing since...?

    I'm curious to know if new Epiphone sales are down since they switched to Pau Ferro for fretboards? I've been looking to buy one of several Epiphones that have crossed my radar. I went to the local Guitar Center a couple of weeks ago and I looked at quite a number of new ones. I was shocked to...
  3. edselman

    NGD (Really outstanding!!!)

    This is a link to a new thread in the other Gibson section about my new "Originals" SG Junior. I thought you might like to see it as it's applicable to the changes that Gibson has made.
  4. edselman

    NGD, Original Series SG Junior. Outstanding!!!

    I have been wanting one of these finally took the leap. I am truly stunned. I've owned many Gibsons over the last twelve years or so and I've never owned one that shows this level of workmanship and quality. It's absolutely perfect. The finish is like a mirror and flawless. You'll note that the...
  5. edselman

    Don't know what to do.

    I guess I'm seeking some advice and insight into my current Les Paul dilemma. I have been wanting a 2019 Les Paul Traditional in Tobacco Burst. It arrived spanking new from the dealer and at first look it blew me away. It looks right. It feels right and sounds right. I saw no flaws. The board is...
  6. edselman

    Belated NGD and Upgrades

    I purchased this 2019 Les Paul Traditional a couple of months ago but I just finished the cosmetic uprades yesterday. I replaced the Tuners and tailpiece with Kluson's, the Kluson tailpiece having a more historic profile. All of the rest, pickguard, pickup rings, switch and jack plates, switch...
  7. edselman

    2019 Les Paul Junior tuner question

    I have a red 2019 Junior coming in a week or so. I'm looking at cosmetic upgrades. I am wondering if any of you have attempted or had success in changing out the stock tuners for three-on-a plate versions? Maybe you converted one from a different year. What componants did you use and did you...
  8. edselman

    New Information About Gibson's Lack of Quality Control

    I have some new information about Gibson’s lack of quality control. Yesterday I ordered a particular Gibson Les Paul from Sweetwater that was currently out of stock. The online listing noted that, “More are on the way,” and indicated that I could reserve mine now. So, I pulled the trigger. Today...
  9. edselman

    Electrical Problem 2016 SG Standard Help Needed

    I have a question regarding a design flaw in my 2016 Gibson SG Standard. Along with the allegedly "normal" static electricity popping and crackling issues, when I touch or in extreme cases place my whole hand on the control plate I get extremely loud buzzing through any amp I own. This also...
  10. edselman

    Les Paul Tribute Plus Question

    This is a Tribute question for you. In every high resolution photo I see the neck pickup surround is placed so close to the rear of the neck that the top edge is squashed or pushed in toward the pickup. Is that always the case, and if you have one like this, how have you fixed this issue? It...
  11. edselman

    Bridge Replacement Story

    I purchased a 2016 SG Standard a couple of months ago and was having a serious problem getting it to intonate. (I know, this is the Les Paul section, but the model of guitar isn't important. You could insert "Les Paul" and the story reads the same) Anyway, when I tried to set the intonation when...
  12. edselman

    50's Era Tune-o-Matic Construction

    I have a rather simple question. I have been trying to determine what the body of the original '50's era ABR 1 bridges were made of. I know that the saddles were brass. But I have come up with conficting information from two "experts." Both state that the bridge bodies were cast and then...
  13. edselman

    Got a question about control plates.

    Does anyone know why Gibson went to the leather-grained contol and switch cavity covers? According to their website, the covers for the more expensive Les Pauls are stainless steel infused for shielding. But they all have the fake leather grain. What's with that? Is the shielding really needed?
  14. edselman

    New bridge. What material?

    I'm considering a new bridge that is machined rather than cast. This would pair with a machined aluminum tailpiece. Do you have a preference for an aluminum, brass or steel bridge? I already know all of the positives and negatives for an ABR 1 vs a Nashville bridge, but I'd like to hear what you...
  15. edselman

    Nashville Tailpiece Height

    I know that this subject has been debated in the past, but I think things with the newer Les Pauls have changed. Anyway, I used to have a 2008 Tradtional and I had to have the tailpiece adjusted quite high (ridiculously high) to keep the strings from hitting the bridge. Now, with my 2016...
  16. edselman

    What's the Green Key tuner button story?

    Just wondering when Gibson started putting green key tuner buttons on Les Pauls? I'm asking because I really have a hard time with the green color. It kind of reminds me of a controversial 1970's movie staring Linda Blair. I really found the Tone Pros they used from 2008 until 2014 quite nice...
  17. edselman

    Can someone answer a question?

    I’m mystified about one of Gibson’s construction techniques, and so far I’ve not been able to find an explanation. I have purchased four new Gibsons over the last seven years, all with a gloss lacquer finish and a conventional nut. Of the four, the finish was mutilated on the...
  18. edselman

    Carvin V3M

    Do any of you own or have played a Carvin V3M? If so, what did you think. I've looked at their amps online and used to own a Vintage 16. I ended up selling the Vintage 16 but I can't remember what I didn't like about it.
  19. edselman

    2015 Brass Nut Replacement

    I have a 2015 Les Paul Junior and it has finally developed the grooves in the new brass zero fret nut and has started pinging on bends near the headstock. Anyway, I emailed Gibson Customer Support Wednesday evening about the issue and mentioned that I was aware of a replacement made of a new...
  20. edselman

    Surge Protector, Power Conditioner Question

    I know that this has probably been hashed over by now but here goes again. This is only concerning home use. Do you use or not use a surge protector or power conditioner or variac, etc. to run your amps through at home? I have a new home with allegedly up-to-date electrical lines and I see and a...