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  1. BrianB

    Is this the beginning of the end for ICE this side of the Atlantic?

    Electric cars....electric cars. Reduce our carbon footprint.... How do you charge up them electromagical fricken pieces of shyte? Coal fired power plants. How dare you! You're stealing my adulthood!!! smfh
  2. BrianB

    Rock n Roll HOF latest blunder

    Like Eminem?? :hmm:
  3. BrianB

    Gwyneth Paltrow's Candle
  4. BrianB

    Epiphone unveils new headstock redesign for “Inspired by Gibson” line

    I think part of the reason they haven't or don't do this is in essense Epiphone would be competing against themselves. When I was on the serious prowl for a straight acoustic archtop a bit over a year ago, I came damn close to pulling the trigger on a mid 40's Epi Triumph. It had finish...
  5. BrianB

    The Cheats got Beat... and the last pass of Brady's career was a Pic-6... life is great!!!

    Say what you want..I spent half a lifetime growing up with 1-15 Patsies. I watched Steve Grogan spend so much time on his back on the turf he should have sold ad space on the bottom of his cleats. I remember Jack Tatum destroying Stingley. I lived thru the bad times, damn well gonna enjoy...
  6. BrianB

    Let's talk mini amps...

    Any thoughts on the Peavey Classic 20 mini head?
  7. BrianB

    She Was Just Seventeen

  8. BrianB

    She Was Just Seventeen

  9. BrianB

    Words real men never use

    I'd reply but I gotta go rinse the prince, mate....
  10. BrianB

    Presidential trivia

    [Cliff Claven voice] Who are 3 people who've never been in my kitchen? [/Cliff Claven voice]
  11. BrianB

    Words real men never use

    Tongue-punch my fart box.
  12. BrianB

    NGD 62 melody maker

    No worries. My truck just failed state safety inspection last week...I'm actually gonna have to sell a few things for ball joints and tires. I'm not going to have any disposable $$ to put towards this for a Thanks though.
  13. BrianB

    NGD 62 melody maker

    Nice... :applause::applause: One of these days I want to start working on mine (see sig). I need to get a tracing of an original pickguard for one of these. I need a slightly modified guard for mine, and need a template to base it off of.
  14. BrianB

    NGD: 1943 Banner LG-3

    Awesome...just awesome. Congrats!
  15. BrianB

    Florida + Walmart + Toy Aisle = .....

    Same dude was just overheard in the local Lane Bryant there in Florida as saying;
  16. BrianB

    Florida + Walmart + Toy Aisle = .....

    Maybe he thought she was thirsty.....
  17. BrianB

    jokes & funnies.

  18. BrianB

    Hybrid drop pig monkeys from China.

    Total Field of Dreams in San Fran... If you build it, they will cum.... :shock:
  19. BrianB

    That Guitar You Still Can't Believe You Own?

    Here's my "Can't believe.." guitar. When this was being built, Ted McCarty was just beginning employment at Parsons St in Kalamazoo, and Lester Polfuss was still tinkering away at the Epiphone factory on odd weekends in New York.
  20. BrianB

    One of the funnier commercials I’ve seen in a while

    Yeah, it's fake, but still funny AF....