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  1. Windir

    1st(technically 2nd) scratch Les Paul-build

    Well, time to try again. My previous project was an epitome of failure and thus i have no will or interest to proceed with it. I'll start again and pray to all deities in existence that i can finally make it through without any big mistakes. I can't afford overpriced firewood, especially as i...
  2. Windir

    ...and that day i made a strat body from scratch

    My LP-disaster will be on hold for some time, until i have purchased a new neck blank. However i am tempted to throw the entire project to a fucking bonfire and start everything from scratch. But that's not what i am here to talk about this time. While i am waiting, i have started a quick...
  3. Windir

    1st Les Paul Build-how to make an unplayable but expensive instrument.

    Finally, time to start building a les paul. I have waited this for years. So, i have now purchased lumber, some of the hardware, finishing supplies etc. I'll post pictures as i make progress.
  4. Windir

    Refinishing an old bass

    I decided to refinish my old Yamaha-bass guitar. It's original finish was in a really bad condition and i wanted to give it a new look. I planned to remove the paint and add some stain and finishing oil. I did not know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. The wood below looks...
  5. Windir

    Should i use this fretboard blank?

    I have had a slotted rosewood fingerboard blank at my place for 1,5 years now, and i live in place where climate is quite harsh at this time of the year. As a result, the blank has warped a bit. Should i still use it, or is proper intonation forever out of reach?
  6. Windir

    Is it possible to cut binding channel with a marking gauge?

    I have currently strict budget, and thus cannot afford expensive rebate router bits or gramils. However, i found a marking gauge from local hardware store, and i am considering to try it. It's reasonably priced. What do you think, should i buy it? Is it possible to cut binding channel with this...
  7. Windir

    Dafuq stain

    I was picking blueberries very early this morning, and i came up with a strange idea. Could i use blueberries as a stain. I spread some juice on a piece of pine, and it looked pretty damn good once it dried out. I think i am going to try this on a guitar someday. Has anyone tried anything...
  8. Windir

    Alder Les Paul top?

    Hello. I am planning to build my second-from scratch electric guitar this summer as my summer-break project. It´s going to be les paul-ish guitar, with mahogany body and neck and rosewood fretboard etc. Also i am going to try something different this time, and i wonder if alder would be a good...