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  1. Dr.Tj

    My Jimmy Page tone (tone test)

    I was pretty happy with the result. +10 tone points for the Pj's. Thoughts?
  2. Dr.Tj

    Middle Position+Pink Floyd = Magic (tone test)

    I love playing the middle position of the pickups. Sounds very Jimmy Page-like. i used the Boss GT100 (little bit of chorus and reverb, no post editing) I hope posting videos of yourself playing on YT is allowed on this forum?
  3. Dr.Tj

    New LP hardware losing luster

    Is this normal? I bought this thing in January and the metals (even the pole pieces) have already started losing their shine in 6 months only. I've seen guitars 10-30 years old with as good as new hardware. Is this an environment issue? Or is it even an issue..? What do you think? P. S I like...
  4. Dr.Tj

    Can't find my sound. Frustrated. (Laney CUB12R)

    I recently bought my first Les paul, the traditional 2018 along with my first tube amp the Laney CUB12R (with HH driver thing). I feel really disappointed lately because I can't get the sound I imagined. I bought it because I wanted a low wattage amp strictly for home use and I will never gig...
  5. Dr.Tj

    Possible issues with my new Les Paul

    I love my new traditional '18. I have some questions/possible issues. 1: does the toggle switch get loose over time and starts rotating? I found that mine got loose even after tightening and the switch ring won't even stay aligned and keeps moving. Even the pointers on the pots are a little...
  6. Dr.Tj


    NEW GUITAR DAY! I've dreamed of getting my hands on this beauty for more years than I can remember and that dream finally came true, today. (2018 les paul traditional tobacco sunburst.) I also got my first tube amp, the Laney CUB12R. It is great for vintage led zep/pink floyd etc tones! <cries...
  7. Dr.Tj

    No Gibson Imports to India?

    Just when i thought the 9 year wait for my dream guitar, a Gibson Les Paul was over... There's more waiting. Well my story is that if i got into a Medical College i will get a Les Paul as a reward and I did get in so me and my dad went to a local dealer (Furtados, I'm from India) to check which...
  8. Dr.Tj

    57' classics (Les paul Traditional Owners only)

    How do you find the tone on them? Has anyone tried messing with the pickup height to make it sound vintage? Also I'd love to see your Les Paul Traditionals Here's the one I'm after. Sounded great, Had a really thick, meaty tone. The flame was amazing really visible in person. This is the only...
  9. Dr.Tj

    2017 Line up- WTF?

    Hey people. This rant is about the new 2017 lineup. Well, what can i say. Gibson is like the Apple of guitars. Innovative, top guy, over priced but worth it and was cool before the real guy passed away. 2013 Lineup was the best in my opinion, 2014 one was okay too. but here we are after 3...
  10. Dr.Tj

    Acoustic guitar intonation

    How do i intonate my new acoustic guitar without messing up the bone saddle? first 4 strings are totally flat at 12th fret. Can't find proper tutorials on YT and Google.
  11. Dr.Tj

    Help me get in touch with my guitar hero

    Hey everyone! Well, i guess we all have our guitar heroes, the one person we all were inspired by to pick up the guitar. For me, my hero is Slash. :slash: My story goes like this. 10 years ago, i came back from my grand ma's house and my father called me to watch something on T.V. As i walk...
  12. Dr.Tj

    Can you remove the '120th anniversary' text

    Hi guys, i'm one month closer to buy my dream guitar. I now have 2 guitars in my radar. the 2013 Trad with 57' classics and 2014 trad with 59' tributes. I'd sell my soul for a real 59' but hell, how will i play guitar then (no ****, sherlock) So i was looking at a really pretty 2014 trad in a...
  13. Dr.Tj

    Can this be un-*ucked?

    This is a VERY old 7 string guitar. Like from before WWI. My uncle passed it on to me when i started playing guitar 10 years ago. One day my maid dropped it down and the headstock came out. So my dad, who didn't know sh*t about guitar fixing, hammered in some nails and taped it together. it came...
  14. Dr.Tj

    Les Paul neck too fragile?

    Hello everyone I have heard that the headstock part of the LP is really fragile like it can break with a tiny fall or just bumping into the bass player or the wall. And that scared me so much that it's making me reconsider buying a LP as these guitars are already too damn expensive for Indian...
  15. Dr.Tj

    Greetings from India

    Hello everybody, my name is Tejan Singh. I'm 17 years old and I'm currently a student in 10th grade and I've been playing guitar since 9 years now and it has been my dream to own a Gibson Les Paul. I currently have my eyes on a 2013 Les Paul traditional. I think it's a honey burst or a light...