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  1. BrianB

    More CL fun; 1959 LP, $750

    Sadly, I'm a bit short on cash..... Seems legit though. For posterity; Selling my fathers 1959 Gibson Les Paul . He is getting older now and needs the money . He said it was all original , I...
  2. BrianB

    More tranny talk....

    2 speed "slip and slide" Powerglide", Muncie M22 "Rock Crusher", or the venerable TH400? Discuss....
  3. BrianB

    Saw Peter Frampton the other nite....

    Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion in Boston. Hella gig. He can still bring it. I didn't take pics, was towards the back, but there's no bad seats in the place. I'm sure judging by the number of cell phones taking video I saw in front of me there's stuff on YT by now. Played the Phenix a LOT...
  4. BrianB

    NVGD. 1948 L-7N

    I've had an interest in getting an acoustic archtop for a while now. I've finally made it happen. Long long ago, in a factory far, far away... Before the Future Tributes. Before the robo tuners. Before the Studios. Before the LPC. Before Henry J was born. Before Maurice Berlin took that...
  5. BrianB

    Flattening An Old Pickguard

    The original pickguard on the 1948 L-7N I just acquired is pretty significantly warped. I've already replaced it with a repop tort guard, and would like to flatten the PG out and tuck it away. It's a 5 ply BWBWB type piece. A bit of Googling on turns up quite a few different theories and...
  6. BrianB

    Gibson shipping ledgers

    Hey all, I've seen many a thread inquiring about ledger entries for Les Pauls from the 50's...I was wondering if those who have access to this info have access to these going back to the late 40's, specifically, 1948. I just acquired an L-7N and was curious if the original ledger entry could...
  7. BrianB

    I caught the salmon, but I did not catch the deputy....

    Old but pretty cool....
  8. BrianB

    'Affluenza' Texan, who killed 4 driving drunk, released from jail

    IMHO, the little sh1t should be in for a very long time...let him out when he's about Betty White's age... :mad:
  9. BrianB

    AllParts Gibson L-5 Archtop pickguard back in stock.

    So I got an email at 4AM today...automated notification that these are back in stock. PG-9815-043 Bound Tortoise Pickguard for Gibson® L-5® I think these have been out of stock for a year, if not...
  10. BrianB

    Dude was trying to collect the whole set....

    Some folk will hoard anything..... :facepalm:
  11. BrianB

    Finding Charlie Christian's guitar

    Came across an interesting article about Charlie Christian's ES-250. Thought I'd pass it along here. Beautiful old Gibson. Can't fathom why they only made them for a couple years.... Cheers! B.
  12. BrianB

    Rehabbing a circa 1990 Fender Princeton Chorus. Advice needed.

    Hey all. Picked up a red knob FPC recently, and while I have the amp chassis out for some minor electrical repairs, I thought I'd give the cab a good cleaning. At one point someone put a pair of stickers on the top, one on each side of the handle. The stickers are gone, but the adhesive...
  13. BrianB

    NAD! (red knob) Fender Princeton Chorus 2x10.

    Yeah, yeah...not really a "new" amp, lol. But it's new to me gawdammit... :p I had gotten a flying V kit on fleaBAY about 10 years ago. Put it together but never quite got around to painting it. Traded it and $25 to a friend for the amp. It's got some notable issues. The left input...
  14. BrianB

    Thoughts on other's Usernames

    Branching off in a different direction, this one is about the name people run around this asylum with. As you've navigated through these forums, have you ever come across a username that made you say "Dayum...I wish I'D thought of that one!" Or maybe the other way...a name that makes you go...
  15. BrianB

    Happy birthday Jblpplayer.

    Happy 40! Hope you have a great day. :cheers2: (loved the "tweed" cake on FB... :laugh2: ) B.
  16. BrianB

    Broken links, Luthier's Corner, "Index of useful threads" All links return "The requested page could not be found." Looks like formatting. The link above works. They used to look like;
  17. BrianB

    Simple Dimarzio question;

    Can these allen screw pole pieces Dimarzio used be replaced by standard pole pieces? Notably, would these thread in? Thanks. B.
  18. BrianB

    NGD!! 1981 MIJ Emperor Thinline

    Came across this on Craigslist recently. I'd kind of been looking for something in this direction for a while...archtop, F holes, hollow or semi hollow. I wasn't sure what it was, and it took some serious Googlefu to find out what it is. Curiously, someone here on MLP has one, and it...
  19. BrianB

    Epiphone De Luxe Classic, Masterbilt Century Collection Has anyone here gotten (or even played) one? Reviews are few and far between on these so far. Kind of interested in it... If Epiphone had stuck a Frequensator tailpiece on's be an almost exact...
  20. BrianB

    Vintage ID help request; 1967? '68? '69?

    A friend asked me to do some setup work on a SG Standard of his. I'm a little curious what this beastie is that I'm looking at. He says it's a 1968. From what I've come across on the interwebz I'm thinking that might be accurate. It's got a very specific shape to the neck join that I...