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  1. stinger

    About nylon nuts

    I was under the assumption that the nuts on the 2009 and newer LP specials and juniors were changed from the corian to the nylon as they were on the R9's etc. Am I mistaken on this? Because I bought a LP special a couple months ago brand new (2011) and it has corian. Or did the custom shop...
  2. stinger

    ABR-1 composition?

    Could someone tell me what the 1950's era abr-1 bridges were made of? My search was a failure, so I ask... Thanks.:)
  3. stinger

    Original ABR-1 metal composition?

    As is always the case, the search yeilded no results. So, could someone tell me what the 1950's era abr-1 bridges were made of? I have seen some talk about faber and callahan replacements and I wonder how they compare with the stuff that came on a vintage LP. Or how a historic abr-1 compares...
  4. stinger

    Vintage Pickup covers ?

    Does anyone know what the old PAF covers were made of?
  5. stinger

    I had a Heart Attack!

    Saturday I got my first helicopter ride and it wasn't quite what I had hoped it would be...:shock: I'm doing fine and am already home with one new stent installed. Minimal damage to my heart. I am lucky to be alive. I'm only 50 but my life will now take on a new style and new meaning. Time to...
  6. stinger

    2010 R8 Lemonburst

    A photographic progression: 2010 R8 Lemonburst. It doesn't show in the pics but it has a little figuring. But what is really sweet is that it weighs 8lbs 10 oz. It sounds fantastic. The new nylon 6/6 nut is done right. I have never seen a nut on any historic filed this well. Plus because...
  7. stinger

    Electric razors

    Last night my Braun electric razor gave me a fit. The on off switch stuck on. I could not shut that thing off! So I put it out in the hall and let it run down the battery. My question is: what is your favorite brand of razor? I gotta go shopping soon.
  8. stinger

    Setting intonation

    What are the opinions of the luthiers here. Set the intonation with the harmonic at the 12th fret or fingering the note at the 12th fret?
  9. stinger

    Have you ever tracked an incoming shipment?

    That's what I am doing today.:) And my incoming package is 35 miles away from here now with a delivery date for tomorrow. 40 minutes and I could pick it up but no, I gotta wait for the brown truck to do its thing.
  10. stinger

    2009-10 spec differences between R8 & R9

    I tried searching to see if there are any differences between the R8 and R9 spec wise for the '09 and '10's but came up empty handed. I have found the listed R9 changes but I don't know how the R8's compare. Did the R8's get all the appointments the R9's got?
  11. stinger

    Bobbo in a Walmart commercial

    Check it out!:laugh2:
  12. stinger

    I'm bummed about the Packers

    Yup, they really pissed me off today. The Packers pooped in their pants in Pittsburg. :mad2: Say that fast three times.
  13. stinger

    Hitler gets yelled at by a Kid!

  14. stinger

    What guitar did Montrose use?

    I always assumed that Ronnie Montrose used the stolen burst on the first Montrose album. Obviously not as the guitar in question was lost about a year before the Montrose album was released. Does anyone know what he used on that record?
  15. stinger

    Nylon 6/6?

    As the new LP reissues are now shipping with the Nylom 6/6 nuts, I am thinking about changing my corian nuts to this stuff. Does anyone know where I might find nuts using this material?
  16. stinger

    How the Pickguard sits.

    Does anyone know why the Pickguard on historics sits so close to the body by the bridge pup ring while the PG is further away from the body on vintage bursts?
  17. stinger

    Pickguard shape...

    Are the historic pickguards accurately shaped compared to the original burst pickguard?
  18. stinger

    Backplates -- Historically Accurate?

    Part 3 Are the Historic backplates (control cavity and switch cavity) accurate? I already know the answer to this one, at least in the case of the control cavity. A definate NO! The switch cavity plate I don't know yet. I do have info on this subject but before I reveal what I've learned...
  19. stinger

    Vintage Pup Rings vs. Historic?

    Nevermind -- this post was a mistake!
  20. stinger

    Historic Accuracy -- Pickup Rings

    Historic Accuracy part 2. How accurate, or inaccurate are the M-69 pickup rings used on the historic series as compared to the original 1950's bursts and customs? I know that the color of the new rings is not correct but what about the rest of the attributes? Dimensions, plastic type etc...