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  1. James R

    Can't Wait to Visit Kansas City!!!

    Sorry, got a little butt hurt there.
  2. James R

    Can't Wait to Visit Kansas City!!!

    Watch it, mister. Last time a guy spoke to me like that, I damned near rectum.
  3. James R

    Can't Wait to Visit Kansas City!!!

    No really, I mean, I bent over backwards to get that flight.
  4. James R

    Can't Wait to Visit Kansas City!!!

    Yeah, I was really dragging my ass.
  5. James R

    Can't Wait to Visit Kansas City!!!

    I was on my way there once but my flight got cancelled. Bummer.
  6. James R

    Joker: early review

    So why watch it? Sucker for punishment? Send me your $6, I can disappoint you quicker than a movie can (I'm a seasoned expert at dishing out disappointment), and you'll still have time for a round of golf. :laugh2:
  7. James R

    Neil Peart died

    Apparently its the same rare form of brain cancer that Gord had. I'm starting to wonder if we will see more of this "rare" form of brain cancer among musicians, because I'm starting to wonder if maybe early in ear monitors were giving off some bad waves. Idk, not convinced of it, but I'll be...
  8. James R

    Epiphone unveils new headstock redesign for “Inspired by Gibson” line

    Is that a P90 loaded Special I'm eyeballing? :hmm:
  9. James R

    Chicago's Coyote attacks continue, everybody hide.

    Years ago my dad had one that was living in his garage, up in the rafters. He didn't know it was in there until spring, and when he tried to get up there on his step ladder to get it out, he suddenly (and terrifyingly) realized it was a mom with a couple youngins that had taken up residence on a...
  10. James R

    Chicago's Coyote attacks continue, everybody hide.

    That's crazy that they're attacking people. I see coyotes on an almost daily basis, often within 15-20' while I'm out in the yard, and they are very skittish. I usually clap my hands and yell "Hey!" And they're off with their tails between they're legs. I can see a coyote going after a toddler...
  11. James R

    8K Association Launches TV Certification Program

    If I was uber rich I'd have a theater in my house for the one movie night a month I try to have, but I'm not, so my setup will go until it dies. When it dies I'll replace it with an equally simple and low(er) cost rig and continue to be happy. It would be cool, just nowhere near a priority for...
  12. James R

    Canada vs Russia 2020 World Juniors

    Let's go boys, time to bring it home.
  13. James R

    U Haul Doesn’t Hire Smokers?

    Well, it sounds like it's completely legal for them to do what they've done. Doesn't mean they aren't lower than the dogshit on the bottom of my shoes for doing it though. Attention all U-haul employees, if you know what's good for your employment future, you better stop drinking, eating fast...
  14. James R

    My home cinema is complete.

    That is freaking awesome! I'm on my way, I'll bring the popcorn.
  15. James R

    The dark side of Medical Marijuana

    There's a lot of other people making big money off of it too, not just the government, at least here in Canada. My outlook is that it's no worse than alcohol, tobacco, and gambling. In fact, some would say it's actually the lesser of those evils. Most people have a vice of some description, and...
  16. James R

    The dark side of Medical Marijuana

    Lolz The real dark side of legal recreational and medical cannabis is the price the damned gov charges for it. Freaking crooks. I've been around weed a lot in my life, I've never seen someone fitting or showing signs of withdrawal. I'm not saying it's not possible, but what the hell are they...
  17. James R

    Let's talk mini amps...

    Fender Greta Boss Katana head (small speaker on board for quiet practice) Marshall 50th anniversary 1 watt combo of your choice (I have the JVM1C and it's got great cleans and authentic Marshall gain tones, just much quieter)
  18. James R

    10 music genres the Beatles invented by accident

    The Blue album is one of my deserted island albums. That's the era of them that I most enjoy, and I think they did a great job of putting that album together when it comes to the flow of the songs they chose. Never get any complaints when I put it on either, regardless of who I'm hanging out with.
  19. James R


    Aw shucks, Darrell, you're making me blush. I thank you for your kind words, but that was when I was working in the aircraft industry (my first career) and I was elbows deep in maintenance manuals on a regular basis. So it wasn't really a great feat of intellect (although, once again, I thank...