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  1. 519tbarr

    2013 Traditional... what colour is this?

    Lightburst based on the back colouring. I found finish colours varied a lot during the 2013 run of Traditionals.
  2. 519tbarr

    The New 2020 Modern Collection Les Paul Tribute

    The Epiphone updates will be interesting to see and experience. I have always wanted a black beauty - a real Les Paul Custom but obviously in Canada those prices are almost out of reach for the average buyer. I remember playing early 90's Epiphone Les Paul Customs and always wanting to own one...
  3. 519tbarr

    NGD: 2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic Trans Amber

    That is a beautiful Les Paul Classic - the way Gibson should be building them!
  4. 519tbarr

    Don't see the Les Paul Standard 60's on anymore

    Maybe we have jumped the gun - but Gibson did amalgamate the 50's Les Paul Standard under one listing as opposed to the goldtop listing & the two sunburst listings. We all have to be patient and wait until NAMM unless any leaks come out prior to that.
  5. 519tbarr

    Don't see the Les Paul Standard 60's on anymore

    No! I'm guessing but I also noticed the Les Paul Classic has been removed from the website. I wonder if Gibson had a bunch of bodies and necks to blow through on the "Modern" series Les Paul Classic in 2019. Maybe this year they will bring back the 1960 Les Paul Classic in some form or another...
  6. 519tbarr

    Gibson blowout pricing?

    I am not sure we are going to see the historical price dumping on the instruments that we have seen under the old moniker. Now that the model lineups have been cleaned up, I expect it will just be colour changes and maybe some pickup changes. (Considering US buyers were getting the new LP...
  7. 519tbarr


    Congratulations :) That is a beauty!
  8. 519tbarr

    Incoming NGD • 2002 Gibson LP Standard

    That is a beautiful piece. I think the 2002 to early 2005 run is probably the last traditional era of the Les Paul Standard until 2019. They had it right then! 50's and 60's necks.
  9. 519tbarr

    New Custom Shop Tour ....

    It was still an interesting watch.
  10. 519tbarr

    Best year for 59 reissues over the last ~10+ years??

    The 2015 True Historics were a thing of beauty. I saw one 1958 reissue LP in my local L&M that I really wished I had bought. It was stunning. Quality of the tops - just a very special limited series of custom shop reissues. I am also a fan of anything post 2017 that the custom shop has made...
  11. 519tbarr

    Gibson LP Traditional PRO V

    Love the gloss cherry version. The neck carve should not be nothing more than a 50's or 60's version.
  12. 519tbarr

    NGD: 2019 Standard 50s Heritage Cherry

    I've played so many Traditionals from the years 2013 to 2019. My favourite traditional years were 2013, 2014, 2017 & 2018. The new Les Paul Standards are back to basics and feel great. I picked up a 60's version and I absolutely love the guitar. Not a fan of the 61 burstbuckers but that's an...
  13. 519tbarr

    NGD: 2013 Traditional in Chicago Blue

    One of my favourite traditionals of all time the 2013 & 2014 versions and Chicago Blue was a special colour!
  14. 519tbarr

    NGD 60th 1959

    Wow what a stunning top
  15. 519tbarr

    August 2019 BTOTM

    Definitely a few months late to the game on this one. Haven't done one of these in a year and I wasn't as hot for September or October. This had more mood and variation and I like melody! My 2017 R8 & Line6 Helix with a Brit Plexi custom patch I made. Enjoy all!
  16. 519tbarr

    NGD - 60's Les Paul Standard - Bourbon Burst

    It has been a while since I posted an NGD here at my favourite forum. This is semi-new as I had sold through a few guitars for various reasons and stumbled upon this gem of a LP. It's a new Les Paul Standard 60's in Bourbon Burst. As soon as I tried it in the music store the neck immediately...
  17. 519tbarr

    New guitar day!

    Love it!
  18. 519tbarr

    Patty Lou back in the fold

    Dude that is awesome! Looks stellar! Enjoy that guitar and enjoy getting reacquainted!
  19. 519tbarr

    Are my ears broken? ( Standard 60’s related)

    I've played a couple of 60's Standard's. The new Original Collection Standard's are excellent! The pickups in the 60's are Burstbucker 61's with alnico V magnets. I do find over driven the chord separation kind of fizzles out and all meshes into one another. Playing the guitar acoustically I...