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  1. elephantrider

    What are you dipping?

    general snus mint! easy to feed my habit in the office.
  2. elephantrider

    Thread titles that appeared next to each other and spelled out humour.

    happy holidays, for those who own taylors.
  3. elephantrider

    So, do I need an attorney?

    texas also has a move over or slow down law. if traffic at all permits, I do try and get over one lane. I'd get a traffic lawyer to handle that.
  4. elephantrider


    that is bad arse. longtime slaughter fan.
  5. elephantrider

    Think Facebook is bad...hahaha...Check out "The Feed".

    now that looks interesting.
  6. elephantrider

    Thanos burns his butthole.

    I prefer to spit shine my sheriff's badge. No need for sun tanning.
  7. elephantrider

    Modern day Melody Makers... Any love

    I have a yellow one that I luv. the belly cut AND top carve? please and thank you.
  8. elephantrider

    Streaming devices/sticks etc. etc.

    I use chromecast for netflix and prime.
  9. elephantrider

    Thanksgiving turkey rant..

    dave, your welcome out to my texas ranch anytime to personally bag your own turkey!!
  10. elephantrider

    Tokai Ls122 GT... Opinions please

    you'll love that thing as soon as you pick it up.
  11. elephantrider

    Please help me choose humbucker bobbin colors ...

    zebra in the bridge and dub black neck. gold poles would really set it off nicely.
  12. elephantrider

    Epiphone Les Paul - New headstock

    any links to these new epi models...
  13. elephantrider

    2019 Holiday Deal Thread - Post Deals Here!

    I love meh deecee jr. pickguard and all.
  14. elephantrider

    New Tokai HLS day

    very nice unit. I love my reborn.
  15. elephantrider


    love that natural mismatched back. awesome axe, glws.
  16. elephantrider

    Who TF is Gina Rodriguez? Doesn't Matter, I'm Outraged!

    i listen to a ton of rap. obviously the "word" is in every 2nd syllable. agree with Dave's comment as well. if your'e trying to quell a stereorype.... you know... lol
  17. elephantrider

    The Shining - sequel. Why?

    I can't wait for the movie to come out. I read and audio's the book and it was was fantastic.
  18. elephantrider

    Joker: early review

    saw joker yesterday. loved it. thought the snl spoof was funny as hell.
  19. elephantrider

    Okay i said no more new guitar buying.....

    really nice axe. looks similar to my ls115 ice tea burst.
  20. elephantrider

    Does anyone use a water pick for their dental care?

    I use one every wknd.