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  1. jc2000

    Adjusting to a new life.

    Congrats, nothing better in this world than having a happy personal life.
  2. jc2000

    paint wear on neck

    :yesway: Love it. funny how you can tell a persons playing style by the way their guitar is worn...
  3. jc2000

    Wonder Woman 1984

    I loved the first one.....
  4. jc2000

    What do you want for Christmas?

  5. jc2000

    Proper Way To Lift Up A Les Paul?

    I always grab it by the neck just under the head. A guitar should never break just picking it up....
  6. jc2000

    Pennsylvania - Reprehensible Behaviour of Young Deer "Hunters"

    Cant see anything in the video???
  7. jc2000

    What bugs me about some relics for sale.

    I kinda like the relics look, but don't think ide ever spend the money on one. Why would you want a guitar you didn't wear down yourself?
  8. jc2000

    Peloton’s viral ad captures a ‘116 lb woman’s YEARLONG fitness journey to becoming a 112 lb woman’

    I bought my wife a piece of exercise equipt one...…. Never again, big mistake. I never heard the end of it.
  9. jc2000

    Some Mods to the New Trad

    Cool... I did mine.
  10. jc2000

    Gibson Les Paul Custom 2004 binding

    I love it!! I have a black acoustic that looks the same.
  11. jc2000

    Joe B stole my R8

    That is crazy.... JB can afford his own R8... :rofl:
  12. jc2000

    Where my capo?

    I have a specific capo for my 12 string. A 6 string capo will not work well on a 12 string.
  13. jc2000

    Guitar Collectors - Don't Let This Happen To You

    I hope to be down to 1 or two guitars before I die.
  14. jc2000

    When was your Les Paul born?

    2013. great year...
  15. jc2000

    47 attorneys general are investigating Facebook for antitrust violations.

    Never had. it would probably be a better world with out it.... shut it down....
  16. jc2000

    30th Anniversary of MTV Unplugged

    Loved un plugged. They cant do the show anymore because nobody plays their own instruments anymore....
  17. jc2000

    Have you ever had to make up your mind.......?

    Yup, I had a Taylor solid body elect that I went back and forth with for a year or so. I wanted to love it .. but It never happened. So it had to go. I don't miss it....
  18. jc2000

    Trad Pro price

    Why is Guitar center selling a new Trad pro model for 2799. and a regular Trad for 1799.?????? Doesn't make sense to me??? I love 2013 Pro, but I will take a Traditional over the pro all day long.
  19. jc2000

    I'm sorry Brian...

  20. jc2000

    when you know you have to pass as soon as you show up to the audition

    If that drum set was a guitar it would be worth a fortune...

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