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  1. Heddok

    PSA - Real Problems!!!!!!

    I wasn't itchy before I watched this but now it's driving me nuts.
  2. Heddok

    PSA - Real Problems!!!!!!

    Brian I currently qualify for both #2 and #3 in your first list but what is giving me cold sweats and nightmares is that Ford has the arrogance and audacity to actually bespoil the Mustang name with that unspeakable horror of a vehicle
  3. Heddok

    HNDG: warning, not traditional

    Jeez, need clean underwear, that thing is beautiful, that's like the Goth chick of the guitar world.
  4. Heddok

    What just happened??!

  5. Heddok

    Removing a worm from someone's top lip

    It's the wiggling........ jezuus I'm dreading going to sleep tonight this really will give me nightmares. oh and then my wife said we were having spaghetti for dinner
  6. Heddok

    Help me cheer up Fett!!

    Perfect for driving in Nascar
  7. Heddok

    "I Quit Smoking" - The 2020 edition.

    That's the scariest sex toy I've ever seen.....does it sorta go where I think it goes???? Does it vibrate or rotate or what?
  8. Heddok

    Whoa there big boy!

    Jeez the photo's are going give me nightmares
  9. Heddok

    "I Quit Smoking" - The 2020 edition.

    Oct 30th it will be 1 year since my last cigarette. Soon as I started thinking about it being a year the cravings started getting bad again. Seems all the movies we watch have people smoking in them which drives me nuts. I've had 50 years of various addictions and the cigs are the last and...
  10. Heddok

    Worst smell in the world

    Phone call earlier this week Me- "Hi- Animal control? Yeah there's a dead deer in the bushes here that stinks real bad, there must be 30 vultures on my property having a dinner party. Can you send a truck out? 22 year old Gov Girl- "Sir - is the animal on private property or on public...
  11. Heddok

    I actually find the kid funny.

    West coast of Canada, we have green disease worse than California
  12. Heddok

    I actually find the kid funny.

    Sorry X You're SOL on that.......... cremation is under attack here on the West Coast as bad for the environment as it creates too much CO2. Burial at sea is supposed to be the new "Green" approach but first they have to overturn mandatory embalming regulations.... don't want Granny washing...
  13. Heddok

    Do you live in a place where you’d feel safe walking a mile in any direction away from home?

    Sunset from my front window We can walk anywhere anytime without fear although we had a cougar roaming around last week That's the US across the water.
  14. Heddok

    I actually find the kid funny.

    Bill you got this right made of several tons of carbon fiber, one of the most energy intensive materials for construction. Giant oven, vacuum chamber, epoxy resin (guess where that comes from). Read up on what it takes to build one of these racing boats. Also read up on the stuff that goes...
  15. Heddok

    Braz Rosewood from my wife

    top one looks like some sort of sex toy....... it's worn pretty smooth:hmm:
  16. Heddok CAT day

    my favorite cat story ever........ Some good friends have three cats, they always have a giant Xmas party for 40 coworkers. There was a women sitting beside me on a couch when one of the cats came up and sniffed at her purse beside her feet on the floor. She gave the cat a little swat and...
  17. Heddok

    Lamest gear purchase excuse ever

    Scooter This all started when she saw me looking at a video about the new Fender Tonemaster Twin reverb, it was the only explanation I could come up with in a high pressure situation like that
  18. Heddok

    Lamest gear purchase excuse ever

    I just told my wife I had to buy a solid state amp because my tube amp was making my practice room too hot!:jam: I live in Canada... it's never hot here. I am a pathetic human being
  19. Heddok

    Are you a mouse/button masher?

    Two trannies looking to hook up
  20. Heddok

    12 String Wonders

    Watching Hendrix bending two G strings at the second fret makes my hand hurt