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  1. jeff_farkas

    NPD coming.. Sept/Oct

    I noticed this new one on Sweetwater and I really can use it. Multi function Mod pedal.. up to 11 effects. I thought I would share just in case someone needs a pedal like this one. Review after I get it.
  2. jeff_farkas

    Question.. Fret Buzz when playing power chords...

    Yup.. title says it all. When I play power chords near the top of the neck, low E etc, I get loads of fret buzz. Is it due to the action being too low and would it be best to get it adjusted ? Guitar Electric.. Epi Les Paul Standard TIA Jeff ..
  3. jeff_farkas

    We lost an internet hero

    Grumpy cat passed. RIP.
  4. jeff_farkas

    Song I recorded today..

    It's from one of the lessons my teacher has me doing and I did it with my Epi ES-339 and the following pedals Distortion, Delay, Chorus and Reverb..
  5. jeff_farkas

    Erin's coming home

    Erin has been on vacation to see her Mom in CA(Sacramento) since the 16th of Dec and today she's on her way home. God, I missed her so much and I can't wait to see her. I'm tracking the flight here Image Flight by jeff_farkas posted Jan 8...
  6. jeff_farkas

    NPD: DIgitech Polara.

    It's out for delivery and I can't wait to try it out today.
  7. jeff_farkas

    How do I record with my amp in the same space as my PC/DAW?

    Ok.. now that I've decided to mic up my amp I have one more question. How do I record with the amp/mic in the same space as the recording gear? IE, my PC/DAW? One idea that came to me is to simply mute the guitar on the DAW and just use the sound of the guitar from the amp as my reference. When...
  8. jeff_farkas

    Mic verse H&K Red Box

    I’m using a Red Box and while I’m pleased with the results would using a mic give me better results?
  9. jeff_farkas

    New Godzilla..

    Trailer.. comes out in May 2019
  10. jeff_farkas

    H&K TubeMeister 18.. thoughts/Opinions

    I’ve decided it’s time for me to add to my amp collection and I’m contemplating getting the TubeMeister 18 by H&K. I really like it but I was hoping to get some input on it.. pros, cons.. and possible other amps that might fit my needs/wants better. Budget: 600 Wattage: 20 Max Features.. two...
  11. jeff_farkas

    Happy Thanksgiving..

    To all on MLP.. happy Thanksgiving and may the Turkey be with you and yours. Jeff, Erin,, Milo, Phoebe, Scala and Siberian..
  12. jeff_farkas

    Neunaber - Immerse Reverberator Immerse Reverberator by jeff_farkas posted Nov 14, 2018 at 6:03 PM I've been looking at this as a possible option for my next pedal. I only need one more and I want the best reverb pedal I can get. So far I really like this one but...
  13. jeff_farkas

    Input needed/liked on new backing track for song

    I just finished creating a backing track for a song. All of the parts are off of the net. The song has three parts .. two nature tracks and the song track. Any thoughts on the mix and in general? TIA, Jeff Song:
  14. jeff_farkas

    Reverb pedal(s) question..

    I'm thinking of someday getting a reverb pedal.. one of these
  15. jeff_farkas

    New pedal incoming!!

    Ran into some cash this month and I'm getting this: Can't wait,, It should be in by Edit(Tomorrow)!!
  16. jeff_farkas

    What pedals do you use to get the blues tone?

    Yup,. what pedals would be good to get a good/decent blues tone? Not sure.. I'm going to look up other guitar players and see what I can find out but I want to know what you guys use. TIA Jeff
  17. jeff_farkas

    One more question

    Are compressor pedals useful and should I get one? I play rock and alternative. My teacher recommended one but I don't know if it's something I need or not. I was thinking this might be good.. but at 90 I wonder if it's really worth the money...
  18. jeff_farkas

    New recording with new pedal

    I just recorded one of my teachers lesson songs with my new Dark Matter distortion pedal. Here it is.. thoughts.. good and bad.
  19. jeff_farkas

    Stupid question time.,.

    Well,, I'm about ready to change the strings on my Squier Bullet Strat.. and for the life of me I don't know if it has a locking tuner or not. It sure looks like it but for the life of me I have no idea how to make it work. Help.. :mad: TIA Jeff
  20. jeff_farkas

    Question about Truetone 1 SPOT

    I plan on getting it next month and I was wondering what you guys think about it. Is it good? Will it last long? How is it isolating noise? TIA.. Jeff