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  1. Brians Evil Twin

    Guitar Collectors - Don't Let This Happen To You

    A guitar playing buddy of mine died in December 2018 from cancer after 90 days in the hospital & hospice. I understand he racked up huge bills due to the length of his stay, but his wife sold the house quickly and moved to a retirement community in Florida (as he directed) where I expect she...
  2. Brians Evil Twin

    Holiday Gift Ideas for Musicians

    I'll start: Ebony Handle Buck Knife (30% off with code GIFT30 through December 15) Three Unique Ebony Gifts for the Holidays
  3. Brians Evil Twin

    Any Numismatists Here? Need Advice...

    I was helping a friend clean out their attic last week and we found a shit ton of old coins up there collected by their father. We've already eliminated the post-1964 coins, but there are so many left, hundreds of real silver dollars, half dollars, quarters, and dimes as well as old nickels...
  4. Brians Evil Twin

    Happy Cake Day!

    That's right, November 26th is cake day, enjoy!
  5. Brians Evil Twin

    PSA - Juice Jacking

    I'll admit, while I've understood the difference between USB charging and USB data connectivity for years, I never really thought through what the security ramifications were. Bottom line, if you're traveling for the holidays and need to charge your device, use your own cable and power supply or...
  6. Brians Evil Twin

    RIP Torn

  7. Brians Evil Twin

    The 5 Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

    THE BASIC LAWS OF HUMAN STUPIDITY by Carlo M. Cipolla, illustrations by James Donnelly The FIRST BASIC LAW of human stupidity asserts without ambiguity that: 1. Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation. At first, the statement sounds...
  8. Brians Evil Twin

    PSA - Real Problems!!!!!!

    There's been so much bitching about ridiculously trivial stuff here lately, that I thought I'd post this helpful guide as to what constitutes a real, first world problem: You are dead or dying Someone in your immediate family, someone you know, or your pet is dead or dying You were in a serious...
  9. Brians Evil Twin

    A Chicken Sandwich Worth Dying For?

    I like a good chicken sandwich as much as the next guy, but I ain't gonna stab nobody over it, even if they cut line. I'm starting to think you guys are right, the end times are nigh. Is this an unintended consequence of the Epstein or Mexican murders? Did the perp have a 7-year old flat...
  10. Brians Evil Twin

    I wish Janis had lived...
  11. Brians Evil Twin

    College Athletes & California Bill 206 vs. the NCAA

    I'm not much of an organized sports fan, but this law seems like it was long overdue. IMO, schools and the NCAA have been using kids as indentured servants while making billions of dollars on their backs...
  12. Brians Evil Twin

    Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

    Highly recommend. It's a documentary, not a biopic...
  13. Brians Evil Twin

    Vince Gill - OKIE

    Just got this CD on it's release last week. I humbly submit that it will become a classic. A little heavy on the religious references, but the songwriting is solid, the musicianship is first rate, the singing is emotive as hell, and the production is fantastic. Some may find the song topics...
  14. Brians Evil Twin

    Joe Heller Obituary

    Dammitall, I need to rethink my priorities now... "Being born during the depression shaped Joe's formative years and resulted in a lifetime of frugality, hoarding and cheap mischief, often at...
  15. Brians Evil Twin

    Gmail Spam

    It seems I have a worldwide reputation as one helluva stud based on all the impossibly hawt women that want to send me naked pics and have sex tonight! Man, I am stoked! :dude::dude: Sadly, I've also learned I have erectile dysfunction, chronic pain, diabetes, nail fungus, and bed bugs, and...
  16. Brians Evil Twin

    Big Family: The Story of Bluegrass Music

    It's on PBS tonight at 9:00 for fans of lightnin' fast twangy flatpickin'...
  17. Brians Evil Twin

    Schaller tuners in bulk?

    I've never seen tuners sold this way, but they look legit:
  18. Brians Evil Twin

    Slash - Raised On The Sunset Strip

    How did I miss this? Looks interesting, anyone watch it?
  19. Brians Evil Twin

    How not to spend your European vacation

    The stupid in this one is incredibly high: "Two privileged Americans, Finnegan Lee Elder, 19, and Gabriel Christian Natale-Hjorth, 18, try to buy coke in Italy while there on summer vacation. The deal falls through but they grab the dealer's knapsack and demand 100 Euros and a gram of coke for...