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  1. sk8rat


    I stopped by my girlfriends place after work to pick up her cat (cat sitting tomorrow). we talked outside for about 10 minutes before she went inside and I left. I texted her to ask if she made it inside because usually I watch her but where I was parked I couldn't see her go in. she told me...
  2. sk8rat

    string price

    maybe im remembering wrong but I recall when I started playing guitar, ernie ball strings were like $2.39 a pack, then I noticed they went up to about $3.50. I haven't bought strings in about a year so I went to buy some new strings yesterday and a pack of ernie ball regulars were $5.49. am I...
  3. sk8rat

    car or truck?

    I'm in the market for a new or used car but I cant decide between a car or truck. the two top contenders are the subaru brz and an access cab toyota tacoma. used both are around the $10k-$15k range but there are some caveats to both. a tacoma with around 130k miles is priced about the same as...
  4. sk8rat

    don't go to work sick!

    some asshole at my work came in with strep throat and now I'm pretty sure I have it too. I spent the last two days in bed dying, throwing up, waking up drenched in sweat but also freezing. luckily the fever is gone for the most part but now I have a really sore throat and cant eat anything...
  5. sk8rat

    he's back

    after a 3 year hiatus. one of the best youtube guitarists. no fancy editing, just playing.
  6. sk8rat

    gonna start locking up my guitar....

    my sister brought her kids over while I wasn't home and when I got home from work my guitar was laying out, face up with all the weight on the headstock. I don't blame my niece for wanting to play it because she's young and doesnt know better but you'd think someone would have stopped her or at...
  7. sk8rat

    bose sunglasses

    I tried these things at target last night and they're crazy. its like music is being broadcast directly to your brain.
  8. sk8rat

    is it just me?

    or does burning of the midnight lamp sound like it was recorded really poorly? it's one of my favorite jimi hendrix songs but to me it sounds bad. like it when when it was being recorded the audio was just on the verge of clipping or something. it sounds pretty flat to also. thoughts?
  9. sk8rat

    red light cameras

    I just got a red light camera ticket about 20 minutes ago. not the actual ticket but while I was driving the camera flashed twice so I know it's being processed. what had happened was, I merged into the right lane (right turn only). as I approached the turn, the light went from yellow to red so...
  10. sk8rat

    hear me out...

    everyone loves a video of a good fight or other types of tom foolery but what is the number one complaint when watching these videos? the camera man almost always films vertically. given that a lot of new phones are coming out with multiple cameras, why not make a mode that when you record a...
  11. sk8rat

    an interesting turn of events

    I matched with a girl on tinder and she seems pretty into me. she messaged me first and I told her I would take her out for drinks. I know I had never met her before because i'm really good with faces but the instant I saw her picture I had a feeling of familiarity. I almost told her she looked...
  12. sk8rat

    really regret...

    not going to see chris cornell when I had the chance.
  13. sk8rat

    out of tune

    and still better than most
  14. sk8rat

    I thought this was fake when I first saw it

    :laugh2: this isn't political. just funny. the dollar sign in A$AP really makes it
  15. sk8rat

    I lost my cat

    I found my cat dead this morning. I would never wish it upon anyone to find their pet in the state that I did mine. half eaten, probably by a coyote. I still cant believe it. he was such a good companion.
  16. sk8rat

    trying to get in shape...

    I'm about 25lbs under what my Ideal weight would be. as of Monday I started a high calorie, high protein diet. around 2500-2700 calories a day. on an average day I was probably only eating around 1500 calories or less and I'm very active so I have lost about 10lbs in the last year. I'm still...
  17. sk8rat

    best of travis picking...

    post your favorites
  18. sk8rat

    life is crazy

    was seeing an amazing girl, things started getting serious, she got cold feet and went back to her ex. she didn't even wait a day before she was already posting pictures with her ex. women are ruthless. I never thought she would do that because she was so caring and we got really close. I...
  19. sk8rat

    how have your tastes changed since you joined...

    since you joined mlp how have your tastes changed? mine have changed drastically amps; fender> marshall slight overdrive> high gain combo>stack small amp > big amp effects; only using reverb> wanting a shitload of pedals/effects guitars; neck pickup> bridge pickup dont mind strats or strat...
  20. sk8rat

    dont drive like an a*shole

    drunk, frustrated, mad, don't drive. someone cuts you off or going too slow just let it go. skip to 2:15 the woman in the car he hit died, three other people were injured and he walked away. and actually tried to run as can be seen in the video.