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  1. Ace1432

    NGD! Fender FSR Blacktop Strat HHH

    well it has finally come down to it, i have caved and brought a STRATOCASTER into my collection after 14 years!!!! i saw this guitar back in the early half of this year and i honestly thought it was a sort of 'gimmick' guitar as i believe that the video was released around april fools day. i...
  2. Ace1432

    My ES-Les Paul Black Beauty VOS

    i am still head over heels with this ES; still my #1 guitar by a long shot:slash: thank you all for the love and likes!
  3. Ace1432

    1962 Gibson EMS-1235 Double Mandolin Double Neck guitar. Custom one off one-of-a-kind.

    INCREDIBLE!!!!! thank you for sharing this Eric! is there any deeper story to share? was it for a performer or hobbyist? did it stay with one family its whole life? its glorious!
  4. Ace1432

    NGD! Gibson Memphis 1963 ES-335 TDC w/Bigsby & Varitone!

    thanks brother! :wave: i had a coworker check out my collection in person and he told me "you gotta be like the hugh hefner of guitar players, there is not a single dud in this room, all 10's!" i just am very passionate about my guitars and its the one thing in life i have no shame in spoiling...
  5. Ace1432

    NGD! Gibson Memphis 1963 ES-335 TDC w/Bigsby & Varitone!

    got a trio together for a picture for "F Hole Friday" yesterday!
  6. Ace1432

    NGD! Gibson Memphis 1963 ES-335 TDC w/Bigsby & Varitone!

    THAT is a Gibson Frank Zappa Roxy SG. SOLID guitar. limited to 400.
  7. Ace1432

    NGD! Gibson Memphis 1963 ES-335 TDC w/Bigsby & Varitone!

    i have a similar relationship with my solidbodies. ill jam the brains out of my SG or my explorer and be satisfied with my tone, but then when i switch over to the ES its almost like someone is moving the amp into a bigger room. i dunno, its hard to describe but definitely gets you questioning...
  8. Ace1432

    NGD! Gibson Memphis 1963 ES-335 TDC w/Bigsby & Varitone!

    HOLY COW what a title! well, after 10 years of collecting and playing, ive finally joined the Gibson Historic Club! the story was the usual; that i felt satisfied with my collection and was gonna take a break and invest my money into other hobbies for a bit, BUT THEN i was viewing an email i...
  9. Ace1432

    Can you recommend me a "Vintage Type Bridge and Tailpiece" set?

    not sure if im out in left field with this, but i havent seen anyone suggest tonepros? ive been using tonepros on my guitars for close to 10 years now and it is a noticable difference between a tonepros setup and stock metal hardware. for my guitars with bigsbys, they offer bridges with...
  10. Ace1432

    Post Your Black (Beauty) Les Paul Customs

    thank you, sir! i made a NGD post if youd like to see it from a few more angles: this guitar is THE ONE for me. :headbanger:
  11. Ace1432

    Post Your Black (Beauty) Les Paul Customs

    ES Les Paul Black Beauty:slash:
  12. Ace1432

    New Explorer knobs. Thoughts?

    brass is a GREAT tone metal. i use brass slides and have brass nuts on all the guitars i use for slide. open g + brass + a lil bit of dirt = chainsaw slide tones. i love the look of that raw brass you got on your explorer!
  13. Ace1432

    Any famous artists play 70’s era Gibson Sg Standards?

    Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother plays a 76
  14. Ace1432

    NGD Shell Pink SG

    Chicago Music Exchange has been KILLING IT with the custom SGs they've been getting in. not trying to shill, but if youve got an instagram, give them a follow! they post salivating guitars daily.
  15. Ace1432

    2019 Gibson ES-335 Chris Cornell

    the satin olive finish looks great, complimented by the patina on the hardware
  16. Ace1432

    Fender Jimmy Page Dragon and Mirror Telecaster are out!

    here is the Dragon tele in all its SEARING GLORY.
  17. Ace1432

    Fender Jimmy Page Dragon and Mirror Telecaster are out!

    the dragon tele actually holds a strong place in my life. i was in my second year of highschool, hobbies were ramped up to the gills. i was growing, learning to love ART; drawing, painting, woodworking, metalworking, music, automotive, etc. i was still kindof lost as an individual. i was into...
  18. Ace1432

    Deal Alert! Walnut ES 330 w/hb's at AMS - $1699

    i get all my gear through AMS. :dude:
  19. Ace1432

    Better Call Barrie Season II

    that guitar is a tone monster! Barrie is a killer player aswell. if anyone has a chance check out all of Little Barrie's work. its fantastic!
  20. Ace1432

    I love A White SG

    Neither of these are mine, but they are my holy grail SGs. White SG with chrome maestro and hardware; only two pickups 1966 SG Custom. Full pickguard, all gold hardware, ebony fingerboard :Ohno: