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  1. MichaelAndrew3435


    So let’s say you’re looking on Classifieds for a band/jam buddies and someone asks you for samples. Assuming you aren’t a recognized recording artist, what do you send them? I usually send people the few recordings I’ve done with other bands. Sometimes people ask for stuff from only me and I...
  2. MichaelAndrew3435

    Dean Deleo Tone?

    How do I get there? What effects does he use? A chorus and delay can get me close but not close enough. I mainly use an LP and Bogner Ecstasy for guitar and amp.
  3. MichaelAndrew3435

    The benefits of twins

    Hey there folks, So about a month ago, I picked up an Orange Rocker 15 to use in a band setting. I like the amp, but I’m not sure it’s loud enough for this band I’m playing in. They play pretty loud. I’m considering upgrading to the bigger Rocker. There’s the Rocker 30 and the Rocker 32 with 2...
  4. MichaelAndrew3435

    Learning Songs By Ear

    Hey folks, So I'm not sure where to post this question so forgive me if I'm in the wrong place. Since I've been playing guitar, I've always used Guitar Pro and tabs to teach myself songs. Recently, I've been jamming with a group of guys and the other guitar player/singer has his own originals...
  5. MichaelAndrew3435

    Gigging for a living?

    I’m asking this out of pure curiosity, as I am just an at-home player 95% of the time who has little interest in ever gigging. Do people actually make a living from gigging? I’m speaking of regular folks and not multi-platinum recording artists. I ask because I see so many ads on the local...
  6. MichaelAndrew3435

    All Solid Wood Acoustics Under $500

    Might need to pick up a moderately priced acoustic guitar. The brand isn’t too important, but I prefer all solid wood. Any recommendations?
  7. MichaelAndrew3435

    Bogner Ecstasy 3534

    So Bogner released a 25 watt version of their XTC amplifiers earlier this year and only did one production run (not sure how many were made). Since then, no one has heard anything about a 2nd or future production run. I’m one of the lucky few who got one. I’ve heard rumors about the amps not...
  8. MichaelAndrew3435

    Is this real? Not that I plan on buying it, I was just looking around for fun and cam across this 1988 LP Custom Lite. Looks like two different guitars in some of the pictures. Maybe hardware was swapped? The fretboard looks like...
  9. MichaelAndrew3435

    The best multi-channel 1x10 tube amps

    Keeping things super small and light. What are some really good 1x10 or 1x8 tube combo amps? I’ve had the HT-1 and the DSL-1 and they’re decent. Are there any others that stick out?
  10. MichaelAndrew3435

    How would these two speakers compare?

    So I have a Headstrong DRRI close and it came with this speaker...
  11. MichaelAndrew3435

    Heavy Blues OD/Distortion Pedal Recommendations

    Looking for a nice OD/Distortion pedal for my DRRI. I want something that sounds great in the highs, has a decent amount of compression, and has a lot of gain and sustain.
  12. MichaelAndrew3435

    What Mesa amps come with 6L6 or 6V6?

    I see most come with EL84’s other than the CA Tweed model. Are there any others?
  13. MichaelAndrew3435

    Hiding Behind Effects

    What exactly do people mean when they say this? I kinda get it but it’s a little vague. Some players who don’t have a lot of technical skills might use effects to “sound better”. Are there certain effects you hide behind more than others? Only effects I ever use are a little delay and the...
  14. MichaelAndrew3435

    Elixir Style Coated Strings

    I've always used Elixir coated strings on all my guitars since I've been playing. They last awhile so I don't typically buy them often. I was wondering if there was another brand who made a similar coated string. Elixirs are nice but they're not cheap. I change them 1-2 times a month depending...
  15. MichaelAndrew3435

    Question for Intermediate Guitar Players

    What did you do to take your playing to the next level? When talking intermediate, I mean the things mentioned here can be done. There’s a list of skills and techniques that intermediate players should be able to do below when you open the YouTube video. It’s subjective of course, but I think...
  16. MichaelAndrew3435

    FS/FT Headstrong Royal Reverb (1964 DRRI Clone)

    I purchased this new in October of 2018 and have gone back and forth on whether or not I want to let it go. It's an awesome amplifier, but I just don't have the time to enjoy it. For those of you who aren't familiar with this amp, it's a hardwired 1964 DRRI clone made in Asheville NC. All the...
  17. MichaelAndrew3435

    NGD 1958 (2018) Gibson Les Paul R8 Historic VOS

    Traded my R0 for an R8 and I couldn't be happier. I had a 2014 R8 a couple years ago and it was one of the best guitars I've ever owned. I sold it to fund a different project. I also felt the neck was a bit too thick. Anyway, I bought an R0 to try and recapture what I had with my 2014 R8, but...
  18. MichaelAndrew3435

    Recommend Me Some Wireless Ear Buds

    I'm looking at the Apple wireless ear buds and I'm not sure if they're worth the price. Some range from $50 - $150. Are they high quality? The regular ear buds that typically come with a new iPhone are okay, but I don't think they're worth $100+. I'd like to use these primarily for running and...
  19. MichaelAndrew3435

    Bending an Open String

    To my understanding, there's only a few ways you can do this. You can bend the note behind the nut, or you can use a tremolo. Does bending behind the nut put any stress on the nut or other parts of a guitar? Seems a little unnatural.
  20. MichaelAndrew3435

    NGD 2018 Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster

    I had one of these for a couple years and regretfully sold it, so I needed another one. I've had many Stratocasters and this model is by far my favorite. I love the compressed sound of the generation 1 noiseless pickups. I also really like the extra boost option on the tone knob.