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  1. EndGame00

    Ghosts/paranormal experiences?

    I dont know if there’s a thread about ghosts or any paranormal experiences here, but I have experienced two events in my 44 years....some people may not believe ghosts or anything like that exist, but once youve had a first-hand experience in that, it may change your perspective the first...
  2. EndGame00

    Ok Florida, it’s your time to shine... Please don’t change.
  3. EndGame00

    First elec guitar, first amp and pedals, first reaction:

    I was 9 during the 80’s. Being in a military family, budget was tight. Anything outside food, shelter and clothing was non-priority according to dad. My oldest brother was able to borrow an electric guitar and a SS amp from one of his friends, brought it home late afternoon. I recall it was a...
  4. EndGame00

    Quick connect adapter part number?

    Does anyone know where to get and what part number for the adapter? Somebody had mentioned Molex 5-pin adapter but I dont know the part number...I am thinking of upgrading the pickups on the 50’s Tribute with Mojotone Hot Classic set... Any help would be appreciated.
  5. EndGame00

    Pickup covers for 490R/498T

    I’m looking to buy a pair of pickup covers for my 50’s Tribute. The LP has 490/498. What are your experiences (pros and cons) of having either chrome, nickel or stainless steel cover, and which one would sound better with it?
  6. EndGame00

    NGD... 2019 Les Paul Classic Ebony

    It finally came after 3 days of UPS nightmare... First impression: Great looking guitar. Heavier than the LP 50's Tribute.Love the ebony finish. The slim taper neck profile is almost similar to the Epi LP Custom Pro I used to have, though the Epi has a little more U shape than the LP Classic...
  7. EndGame00

    Les Paul Special w/humbuggies - need opinion.

    I was initially looking for a Traditional for a 2nd LP in my stable, however, the price is holding me be from pulling the trigger... Now comes LP Special... Ive not seen one in GC in my neck of the woods, so I need your feedback and opinion.. Has anyone own one? Spec says "rounded 50's" neck...
  8. EndGame00

    Plexi owners: what tubes do you run and what do you like about it?

    Im curious what brand/type do you use. Currently using a pair of Shuguang el-34B V1 and V2 = Preferred Series 7025 PI = Sovtek 12ax7 LPS tube buffered fx loop = Tungsol 12ax7 I love the headroom of the Shuguang el-34. The Preferred Series 7025 has a smooth top end, and has a great mid crunch...
  9. EndGame00

    Incoming NBAD (New Boutique Amp Day)

    I decided to sell my Granger V20 Nitro to fund a custom-built Fargen Lead&Bass Plexi. I was GAS-ing for a vintage Plexi tone at a lower wattage (25-watts). The amp will have an fx loop. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Will report once the amp arrives. As much as I liked the Nitro, I end up...
  10. EndGame00

    Odd speaker pairing that is surprisingly good

    So I decided to pair up the much despised Celestion G12H30 Anniversary with the Limited Edition G12-35XC (the "Pulsonic reissue") into my Bugera 212 cabinet, expecting a weird result.... I did not expect how good it is. The tone was snappy, 3-dimensional, bright (but not painfully so), great...
  11. EndGame00

    Modified Granger V20 Nitro Here's my 20-watt, 6V6 powered Granger V20 Nitro back after an additional mod done on it... The built-in Solo Boost is re-tweaked with increased upper mid frequency and 2 db volume boost... You can hear the difference between the normal channel to...