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  1. bad565ss


    The new king of the hill in my stable. 2010 2203X. All hail Rock'n'Roll!
  2. bad565ss

    2019 Fender American Performer Telecaster

    This is a basically new American Performer Telecaster in Vintage White. I bought it from Sweetwater thinking I needed a Tele but it just sits. It comes with all of the original paperwork and gig bag. Very pretty guitar. These sell for $1099. $900. in Detroit area or $950 shipped in the...
  3. bad565ss

    Some grainy phone video from last Friday Night

    A small sample of my band, Kickin' Rocks.
  4. bad565ss

    Dimarzio Super Distortion

    I did this yesterday. Going to gig it tomorrow.
  5. bad565ss

    Gibson 57+ and 57 Classic Pickups

    I have a pair of 57s out of my 2016 LP Traditional. Very nice condition with uncut leads. $150 shipped to lower 48. Check, money order, or PayPal if the buyer wishes to cover fees.
  6. bad565ss

    Sunday Fun Day

    I have the whole day to myself to just dink around for a change. Who goes first?
  7. bad565ss

    Joyo Bantamp JaCkMan Review

    I got this Joyo Bantamp JaCkMan in the studio today for a quick shakedown. This is a 20 watt lunchbox amp with 1 12AX7 preamp tube and a solid state power section. My first impression is that this is a cool little amp. I plugged it into my 1960AX with Greenback speakers ( not my favorite cab for...
  8. bad565ss

    Joyo Bantamp Line

    I'm all set on big heads and cabs but I'm seriously looking at the Joyo Bantamp line of 20 watt lunchbox amps. These are a line of 5 differently voiced lunchbox amps that range from Fender Blues Junior to Boogie Triple Rectifier voicings. All use a single tube preamp and solid state power...
  9. bad565ss

    New Focusrite Bundle

    Oh boy. I just ordered my first recording gear. Into the rabbit hole I go.
  10. bad565ss

    Friedman BE-OD Pedal

    This is the overdrive pedal everyone raves about. Somehow, It just isn't working for me. This is in basically new condition. $160. shipped to lower 48. $150 local pick up 48328. Paypal gift or add 5%. Trade for a set of Seth Lovers with nickel covers.
  11. bad565ss

    NAD Marshall 2204

    I picked up this 1983 JCM 800 50 watter and the matching speaker cabinet over the weekend. 2-1/2 hour drive but well worth the trouble. It's getting hard to find un-modded old amps anymore and this one's in real nice condition.
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    FS: 2018 Gibson Les Paul Junior

  13. bad565ss

    WTB: Dogear Neck P90 Pickup

    I'm about to buy a pickup for a Jr kit guitar I have in the works. I'm thinking Lollar, Duncan Antiquity, or something else that has a vintage vibe and black cover. I thought I'd check here first. Anybody have anything collecting dust?
  14. bad565ss

    EH Nano Clone Chorus Pedal

    Like new condition. Will ship with all original paperwork and packaging. $25. shipped to lower 48. Nanoclone by bad565ss posted Feb 24, 2018 at 1:34 PM
  15. bad565ss

    Soul Food Overdrive

    Looks like new except for addition of velcro strip on bottom. Will ship with all original paperwork and packaging. $48 shipped to lower 48. Soulfood by bad565ss posted Feb 24, 2018 at 1:34 PM
  16. bad565ss

    *Sold* 2016 Gibson SG Standard P90 *Sold*

    This guitar has been sold. Thanks MLP! Very good condition. Has typical pick marks on plastics from normal use. Otherwise flawless. The included gig bag does have a tear on the back side but still does the job. Looking for $750 shipped to the lower 48. SGP90 by bad565ss posted Feb 4, 2018 at...
  17. bad565ss

    Vintage V130CS Double Cut LP Junior Copy

    Cool Junior double cut copy with Wilkinson hardware and P90. It rips like a P90 Junior should without the sticker shock. No case included but I will pack in original carton and double box. $300. shipped to lower 48 states. I'll eat the PP fee. Jr Front by bad565ss posted Feb 4, 2018 at 10:27 AM...
  18. bad565ss

    Vintage V130CS Double Cut LP Junior Copy

    Very cool little Jr. copy. Set neck. Wilkinson hardware and pickup. This thing plays and looks good. Neck is c shape somewhere between a 50s and 60s No case. I will ship this guy in the original carton and double box it. I will cheerfully send better/additional photos via text or email. $300...
  19. bad565ss

    Jet City JCA22H 20 watt tube amp

    This is a JCA22H 2 channel tube amp. Crunch channel is "Marshally", Overdrive channel is Soldano SLO. Very cool little amp with foot switch channel switching. I bought this in Sept. 2017 and used it in my practice space only, no gigging. It's in new condition and will ship in the original...
  20. bad565ss

    2007 Les Paul Studio Faded Cherry $500 + freight/fees

    I recently bought this Studio to use as a stage backup but have since purchased an SG Standard P90 that I'm really digging in that role. It has a pretty good size neck, slightly thinner than a '59 style and C shaped. It is very resonant. It must be chambered as weight is 7.0 on my digital...