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  1. fleahead

    Rip Johnny Carson

    Yeah, he's still dead. I just checked.
  2. fleahead

    Great relic'ing!

    And not Japanese as well. Wonder if all "colina" wood looks that bad, lol!!
  3. fleahead

    So, yeah......its Friday

    The Woodfield Mall near me just had a black SUV with some young guy in it drive into a lower level entrance to Sears and actually DRIVE through it, doing shit loads of damage. Miraculously, no injuries. THAT is a Friday Meltdown!
  4. fleahead

    Patty Lou back in the fold

    Rattle can re-fin of the headstock finished today with the application of the Les Paul Model silkscreen (from the UK), cleaned up, oiled and finally restrung. Been awhile so tonite's "getting reacquainted" again.
  5. fleahead

    Eddie Money :(

    Sad news..... a bunch of songs that he and his band rocked out were staples for my bands in the '70s and '80s playing the bar circuit....
  6. fleahead

    New EC Firebird

    I'd like to check out the new pickups....
  7. fleahead

    When the damned headstock won't stay glued...

    Luthier friend of mine showed me this just before it was finished, thought I'd share it. After a few unsuccessful takes he said fuck it, and made lemonade! He gets broken guitars from some local stores and this came in with a broken headstock but just would not stay glued.
  8. fleahead

    Revox repairs

    Hey all, my father-in-law has two nice Revox R2R's that need tweaking and/or repair and here in Chicago the only guy that we have found that works on old units is not Revox friendly. He has found a guy in Nashville, but are there any others that you may know who are aces?
  9. fleahead

    Angus' famed baseball cap, what were all the early (pre '80's) variations?

    I have an acquaintance who by a very fortunate set of events got hold of a very early, hand-made "A" cap and I'm curious, especially from our OZ members..... of seeing pics to see if we have something here.... any of you guys have early pics?
  10. fleahead

    Jerry Lee suffers stroke... Thank goodness it doesn't sound too bad...
  11. fleahead

    Picture attaching

    So, now I have to resize any photo I want to upload, rather than it being compressed/resized by software. Major bummer. 1st world problem I know but I'm just sayin'
  12. fleahead

    New girl in town

    She came in today to the local GC for me. Ain't she purdy? My gods, the fit and finish and setup are flawless. Flawless. Wanted one since 1971, thank you Jim Rosenberg for making another cool guitar that Gibson just doesn't seem to get,
  13. fleahead

    Let's See Your Top Carves!

    Had Patty Lou apart while I re-finish and re-decal the headstock and was admiring the carve... Peter Geen's always seemed to have the deepest and I love it. Got any pics of your babies and their carved tops? I think that's the sexiest part of an LP
  14. fleahead

    Am I right in doing this? (non guitar content)

    I'm conflicted, and yet not. But definitely horrified. A very close friend of mine told me yesterday something horrible about a long-time friend of hers. She lives in another state now, is married (to a guy who was dating her when he was 30 and she was 15) and they have a son (who just recently...
  15. fleahead

    Wish I had bought more pot stocks......

    I got into buying shares of a Canadian pot grower in Sept just before they legalized it. It got all speculative and as soon as the day came, the bottom dropped out and left everyone wondering wth happened.... but I kept buying little bits... now in four months I have an 82% back on my ROI.... I...
  16. fleahead

    New T-Birds

    FINALLY! A T-Bird more faithful to vintage.... This may have to come home, maybe in white like Overend Watts from Mott used to play... or perhaps the new Embassy.
  17. fleahead

    So, who's going to NAMM?

    Being ex-MI and having to go to both NAMM shows plus Frankfurt Messe for 30 years, I do NOT miss 95% of the whole circus (especially when I was with Gibson and we were always getting flack for Henry's stupid crap every year, lol) but with Gibson coming back to Anaheim I am curious to see what...
  18. fleahead

    Even today they do it

    You'd think in this day of memes all over social media, people would think about the lasting effect of bad family photographs... This is a family in our subdivision, nobody I know but it was on the sub's FB page for the holidays.... Almost get a little vertigo looking at them, lol!
  19. fleahead

    Yeah, he's a drummer, but sad news anyway.

    Saw him a few time with Heep.....
  20. fleahead

    Why god, why???

    Gibson's made some pretty fugly Les Pauls in their time.... why would Edwards go there? Eeeeeshhhh.