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  1. fleahead

    Matching PAF Output Levels

    Patty Lou (avatar) has two Burstbucker 1s (early ones). There's no rule.
  2. fleahead

    Pennsylvania - Reprehensible Behaviour of Young Deer "Hunters"

    Assholes, I hope shit sprays all over them
  3. fleahead

    Still looking for my stolen Les Paul Black Beauty

    Contact South Elgin PD, they just nailed a local guy who was doing a string of burgleries, don't know where, but they listed that at his residence they found (among the usual guns) unidentified musical instruments...
  4. fleahead

    Happy sock day you sock puppets!!!!

    So, who was it (or They) that were attempting a "comeback"?
  5. fleahead

    Happy sock day you sock puppets!!!!

    The feel of cotton....
  6. fleahead

    Giving up...

    Is the lawn mower a Gibson or Epiphone?
  7. fleahead

    Thanos burns his butthole.

    Like when I flew into Frankfurt airport the first time, used the toilet....and experienced the 60 grit toilet paper there.
  8. fleahead

    Thanos burns his butthole.

    This cracks me up....... snarf
  9. fleahead

    I am tired of this shit

    So how did Cannon Ball end up withe ban hammer?
  10. fleahead

    Laptop Running Slooooooo

    CCleaner is available as a free downlowd, it gets rid of a lot of crap, fixes bad registries..... Go for the simple solutions 1st. Download it, use the clean function and then the clean registries function. Been using it on all my PCs for years and it works like a charm. My .02
  11. fleahead

    Joe Perry Gold Rush Les Paul Axcess NGD

    Doesn't have the trem (which I would like) but this was made for Rick Neilsen in the early 2000s. The 3 way is a tone choke... BTW, Sweet axe. Congrats!
  12. fleahead

    Bulletproof - Rest In Peace

    Suicide sucks.... RIP
  13. fleahead

    20w Is Enough

    Sure. I have a bestie with a Kemper and Helix. He was getting ready to go to FL for a few days to jam and was looking for something small, the GE200 had just come out. He bought one, we side-by-side'd and while the Kemper and Helix were obviously better, the Mooer had a couple of amp models that...
  14. fleahead

    20w Is Enough

    My Mooer GE200 (with some very good Marshall/Vox/Shiva/Suhr/Friedman/Matchless profiles) into a Mooer Baby Bomb 20 watt pedal does the trick. Being able to go direct to the board and/or to my BB into my 2-12" (Warehouse Retro & ET65) does the trick. Could have saved my back if I had these 30...
  15. fleahead

    Has anyone seen

  16. fleahead

    My apologies ...

    So who was the latest to get a vaca?
  17. fleahead

    My apologies ...

    Hey! It's still Friday in SOMEone's head!!
  18. fleahead

    My apologies ...

    Wow. Think I'll just stay awake now.......
  19. fleahead

    My apologies ...

    Ahhhhhhhhh, feel the love. It's a Saturday night..........
  20. fleahead

    My apologies ...

    Fact: He likes walks in the park at night and secretly goes by the name "Hog"..... and yes, purple really is his fave color. Funnin' wit cha'....