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  1. PauloQS

    Should I?

    There are many different Burstbuckers, 1, 2, 3, 61, Pro. They sound very different. The Standard 60s comes with Burstbucker 61, which are awesome pickups. Give them a good try of at least a month before swapping them. Get to know your guitar before making changes. I’ve saved myself from making a...
  2. PauloQS

    R9 w/Sloppy Burst Job?

  3. PauloQS

    Does anyone here gig with their R8 or R9?

    I don’t gig much these days, but when I do I take my R9. I was using it mostly for practicing at home, band practices and jam sessions. I was concerned about theft, so in the past I would take Studio to gigs instead of my R9. However, lately I decided to just take the guitar I enjoy playing the...
  4. PauloQS

    NGD - Dark Knight

    I’ve played this guitar through a few powerful amps at decent volumes, like a HRD, a Marshal Origin 50, a Fender Twin, a Marshal DSL, among other amps. This guitar did not have any abnormal hum indicative of grounding problems. I‘m not an engineer or physics, so I won’t pretend to be an expert...
  5. PauloQS

    NGD - Dark Knight

    No grounding issue whatsoever. It has the same PCB that’s on the Les Paul Modern, which was also in the 2016 and 2017 Standards. One thing to point out is the bushing for the tailpiece stud is not blacked out like the visible parts of the hardware. I’d think that provided the bushing was the...
  6. PauloQS

    NGD - Dark Knight

    Thank you. It’s “60s” slim tapered. Absolutely. I agree. I think it’s best of both worlds.
  7. PauloQS

    NGD - Dark Knight

    Like a quilted LP Custom? I thought of that. I think it’d look great.
  8. PauloQS

    NGD - Dark Knight

    I initially thought that it would look a bit boring with chrome hardware, but then I thought maybe it’d look like a BFG plus, which is an huge compliment as BFGs look absolutely amazing.
  9. PauloQS

    NGD - Dark Knight

    I caved in and got the Les Paul Dark Knight. This thing is a beast. ‘57 Classic/‘57 Classic plus pickups with dark covers, ebony board, flamed maple neck, quilted maple top, satin finish, black hardware. The ‘57 Classics are my favorite Gibson USA pickups together with the BB 1 & 2 combo...
  10. PauloQS

    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s gold top P90

    Upload photos into a photo repository with sharing features, like Imgur then share them here.
  11. PauloQS

    Going shopping, help me spend my money - R9 or R0 ?

    If you usually like thinner necks, go with the R0.
  12. PauloQS

    Best Way to Purchase New Les Paul

    Aren’t GC having a Guitar-A-Thon? The one close to me has two LP Standard 50s (a heritage cherry and a tobacco burst) at a good discounted price. If you go the used market route, check out the LP Traditional, which were models that were very close to what today’s standard 50s. Also the LP...
  13. PauloQS

    NGD: 2019 Standard 50s Heritage Cherry

    My guess would be a yes, given how faint it is on mine. The nice thing is that you can always try to see what the markings on yours look like and maybe try to buff it out before deciding to commit to the push-in bushings style tuners. Personally, I'm happy with the "upgrade" and would do it again.
  14. PauloQS

    Les paul/strat trade advice?

    That’s the biggest reason I’m not too impressive by them. I’ve seen better fretwork on Classic Vibes. The rolled fretboard edges on MIA Fender are super nice, though. However, looking at the actual fretwork, I’ve been a bit disappointed. The v-mods pickups also sound a bit harsh to me. With...
  15. PauloQS

    NGD: 2019 Standard 50s Heritage Cherry

    I didn’t remember noticing any markings, but I was curious after you question, so I just checked. Yes it left a very faint marking that can only be seen at certain angles if the light hits it just the right way. Edit: I did have to get the conversion bushings...
  16. PauloQS

    NGD: 2019 Standard 50s Heritage Cherry

    That’s the one one mod I made to my Standard 50s, switched to Kluson Deluxe press in tuners. The stock were great, just changed it for cosmetic purposes, as I prefer the round edges on the Kluson. I also thought Gibson was never out of the game, as I’ve played some amazing instruments from the...
  17. PauloQS

    Les paul/strat trade advice?

    I’m a bit disappointed with the American Professional and Elite, however, the American Original, both 50s and 60s are just phenomenal.
  18. PauloQS

    NGD: 2019 Standard 50s Heritage Cherry

    I also noticed the neck profile a bit slimmer. It’s interesting because the profile on R9s have also slimmed down a bit. Vintage guitar dealers would often claim that the necks on 59s LPs were not on average as thick as the reissues. My Standard 50s and 2019 R9 are only fractions of millimeters...
  19. PauloQS

    Can I keep it Ma?

    Those acidental purchases are the best. The ones you just play the guitar to kill some time, but then the guitar is just too good to let it go. Congrats.
  20. PauloQS

    Disappointing day playing Gibson Les Pauls

    Your observation about the model year is very interesting, because it’s similar to what I’ve found. The 2018 and 2019 models released in the fall of 2018 (let’s call it 2018b henceforth), did not yield a very good sample from what I’ve played. There are some exceptions, like a LP Classic Player...