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  1. electric head

    Best movie ending.....

    Vanishing point
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    Best movie ending.....

    This was a fucked up ending ....
  3. electric head

    Life with a toddler.

    My wife was a stay at home mom and so she did day care Being as she had kids all week I normally would pretty much watch my daughter on the weekends to give her a break. Man my daughter would go from room to room leaving destruction behind her.I used to pray for nap time so I would get a break...
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    The Who is back!

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    Give this guy a call..He is an expert
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    Happy sock day you sock puppets!!!!

    I have no problem wearing different colored socks..
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    Wolves are HUGE!

    Maybe she is a little woman.....
  8. electric head

    Peloton’s viral ad captures a ‘116 lb woman’s YEARLONG fitness journey to becoming a 112 lb woman’

    I have seen a few commercials for this dumb bike and it has me wondering. Is it a requirement that you have a roomful of windows in order to purchase one of these things?
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  10. electric head

    Best movie ending.....

    Planes trains and automobiles has a pretty good ending..
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    2019 NFL Regular Season

  12. electric head

    Bulletproof - Rest In Peace

    fuck RIP brother
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    I really hate doing work on the house

    My washer just self destructed.. I did an extra load just to watch it really die.. 18 years young General electric is dead Long live General electric
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    Instead of the nookie on this fine Friday...

    In the ads they tell you after 3 hours you need to go to the emergency room. Can you imagine trying to explain your 3 hour boner problem to this receptionist..:eek2:
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    Buy American. Not me. Not cars.

    I have worked at Chevy dealers basically for the last 30 years and have always purchased Chevrolet cars.My wife and daughter have always driven Chevrolet cars.A few months ago my daughters 19 Cruze H/B was totaled and she never asked for my opinion and went out purchased a Subaru H/B:hmm:
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    Has anyone seen

    The look on the other kids faces is priceless...
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    Thread titles that appeared next to each other and spelled out humour.

    GM announces electric pickup truck to go on sale in 2021 Olds442 Friday at 9:27 AM 2 3 4 Today at 1:35 AM Thread watched The climate change protesters are disrupting Black Friday commerce around the world Friday at 10:57 PModay at 12:16 AM
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    I’m in the Hospital.

    My daughter was 7 weeks early and that was 31 years ago. These kind of things just make the child all the more special
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    Has anyone seen

    I refuse to post in threads like these..:slap:
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    Our newest family member. Richard Pryor.

    Ahhh He is just a little guy..Go Bling.. Good for the both of you..