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  1. Ace1432

    NGD! Fender FSR Blacktop Strat HHH

    well it has finally come down to it, i have caved and brought a STRATOCASTER into my collection after 14 years!!!! i saw this guitar back in the early half of this year and i honestly thought it was a sort of 'gimmick' guitar as i believe that the video was released around april fools day. i...
  2. Ace1432

    NGD! Gibson Memphis 1963 ES-335 TDC w/Bigsby & Varitone!

    HOLY COW what a title! well, after 10 years of collecting and playing, ive finally joined the Gibson Historic Club! the story was the usual; that i felt satisfied with my collection and was gonna take a break and invest my money into other hobbies for a bit, BUT THEN i was viewing an email i...
  3. Ace1432

    NGD Lzzy Hale Dark Explorer!

    the actual NGD happened a few weeks ago, but with labor day weekend finally here i had some time to snap some pics of this SEXY BEAST of a guitar. ive been keeping an eye on the Gibson Limited guitars because i feel like they have been providing a bunch of really unique guitar designs as of...
  4. Ace1432

    My ES-Les Paul Black Beauty VOS

    well, i received a nice little promotion at work and have been a good boy lately, so i decided to treat a new Gibby :slash: when gibson started showing off their new line of ES-Les paul guitars i fell off of my chair, head over heels in love with the design. the past few years...
  5. Ace1432

    Black Pistol Fire release new album!!

    so, the past few years ive been obsessed with blues rock music, SPECIFICALLY two piece blues rock bands; white stripes, black keys, blackwater fever, etc. one of my favorite breakout bands of that style is a band named Black Pistol Fire. Today they released their fourth album: Dont Wake the...
  6. Ace1432

    New CBG day!

    the past couple of years, ive been REALLY getting into the blues-rock genre of music and slide guitar. something about that chainsaw growl tone of a guitar tuned to open G, a little bit of fuzz effect just gets me goin :naughty: it all started with the zeppelin song 'in my...
  7. Ace1432

    Sheepdogs-Future Nostalgia

    just got into The Sheepdogs a few months ago and i LOVE all of their work. i can listen to all of their albums and not want to skip a single track. these guys have a GREAT sound. for those not familiar; they are a band with a very classic rock sound. their sound ranges from late beatles...
  8. Ace1432

    new doggie day!

    today was a new doggie day for ace! i have been without a dog for a little over a year now after having to put down my companion of 14 years, Rusty. i had gotten rusty when i was 10 years old, so we pretty much grew up together. he was a chow chow/ bassett hound mix. short, but...
  9. Ace1432

    one year........but seems like its been forever

    its been one year since my other half passed away. im feeling very upset and abnormal today....not really sure what to do with myself to be honest. i guess i dont want to get into too many details, but long story short, i came home from work, to an abnormally silent apartment. i saw her...
  10. Ace1432

    Ngd! Sg triple pickup faded

    well, its been a good long while since ive done of of these NGD threads, but im back. i guess, details aside, its been a really really really rough year for me. so many abrupt negative changes took place in my life in such a short time, my mind kindof collapsed and i went dark for a bit. i...
  11. Ace1432

    New Pistola Day!

    -little backstory- last winter we went through hard times financially, to the point where we had to start selling personal items at pawn shops to keep things paid up.....some of the things that had to be SOLD were my two pistols; i inherited them from a deceased family member. they were Rohm...
  12. Ace1432

    electric guitar=guitar+electricity

    This Is Why You Don't Make Your Own Electric Guitar - YouTube i thought this was actually pretty funny. :slash:
  13. Ace1432

    Luther dickinson ES-335

    holy moly. just saw gibson post this to their facebook page. sad to admit i have never heard of luther dickinson previously, but damn this looks like a KILLER guitar!! Gibson Memphis - The Luther Dickinson Guitar - YouTube Gibson Memphis Luther Dickinson ES-335...
  14. Ace1432

    pics of guitar greats

    anyone have pics of guitar greats together? my top favorite pic is this one: also really enjoy this one: dan auerbach of the black keys and beck.
  15. Ace1432

    Official Gibson Zappa Roxy Thread

    okay everyone, alot of people are getting their roxy SG's and have just been posting in other people's NGD threads, so i thought this would be a great place to post a few pics of your Zappa Roxy and then tell us what # out of 400 you have. :slash:
  16. Ace1432

    this pic tripped me out for a sec

    until i realized what was going on here. from a '72 SG100 on ebay
  17. Ace1432

    My GP flying V

    i finally decided to be a wanker and make a thread dedicated to showing of my Grace Potter Flying V. i ordered it on 12/12/12! i had never touched a flying v guitar in my lifetime, but i love the way they look-the shape is really iconic. I had been planning on picking up a white Flying v, but...
  18. Ace1432

    walkin the dog

    i always take my phone with my when i leave the house. lately ive gotten in the habit of taking pictures of my pooch and the scenery while we trot along. here are two my my favorite ones: anyone else have pics of their pets enjoying the scenery?
  19. Ace1432


    this is me 100% people literally drain me. i even have a couple of friends who, deep down i really truly love like brothers, but ill be damned if i gotta spend more than 4 hours with them. my issue is that the people in my life do not understand this concept AT ALL. they think that wanting to...
  20. Ace1432

    TP: scruncher or folder?

    when you go to wipe, are you a Toilet Paper scruncher or folder? sad to say i am a scruncher. just grab a handful of TP, scrunch it up and wipe the ol starfish like a cotton swab. when i use the thin ply or GOD FOBID i have an emergency and need to use a public restroom, i am a folder...