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  1. jim777

    Pay It Forward Again

    Cool thread :) Let me see what I have lying around
  2. jim777

    Your guitar or stable of guitars (collections?):

    '10 Ibanez Jem 505, '91 Ibanez RG-550, '96 50th Anniversary tele, MIM Strat with MIJ Charvel neck, then MIM Baja Tele, '78 Ibanez FA-100, Tokai HLS-LW, STR LS-648, '01 Ibanez Jem 7VWH. Looks like there is a partscaster strat next to the Charvel, but it doesn't get played. A few missing, my...
  3. jim777

    Wondering if i should trade my telecaster for a Les paul

    I wouldn't part with either of my Teles, but as others have said there are things you can really only do on a Tele, and the same goes for the Les Paul. I'd throw a humbucker in the bridge, like a 'lil '59 or my preference, a Dimarzio Chopper, and save for a Les Paul. That Studio looks like...
  4. jim777

    Les Paul Standard / Traditional or High end Tokai LP ?

    In my opinion of Tokai's and Gibsons and Fenders, you need to spend 3X as much to get a Gibson worth the price of a given Tokai. Sometimes more. When I A/B'd my Tokai HLS-LW against my friend's G0 (and that's a nice LP), he straight up offered it in trade after playing my Tokai for 2 minutes...
  5. jim777

    Tokai LS160 - Is this bridge too high?

    Love that top, gorgeous guitar!
  6. jim777

    FS 1962 Gibson Les Paul/SG

    Damn, if I had that and 100 other guitars that would be the only one I played. GLWTS!
  7. jim777

    New Tokai HLS day

    I haven't pulled the pickups but I hope not! lol IT does sounds an play great though, so if it does have a veneer I'll probably get over it. Ishibashi had told me it was based off the HLS-240SF, but the 2 piece back kind of puts the lie to that. When I know I'll come back and update the thread...
  8. jim777

    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    I just think a bit of flame would be nice, but I don't need anything like you'd typically see on a 'burst type top. And if the guitar was a good one a plain top would be fine. I have a daughter living in Japan at the moment, if I found something over there I liked I might ask her to pick it up...
  9. jim777

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    This is my '15 HLS-LW (light weight @ 3.6 KG)
  10. jim777

    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    Guys (and gals?), I am looking to grab another nice Japanese LP now that I have my Tokai HLS, but I'd like a nice flamed top (if possible) tobacco burst, like a dark burst Gibson GO, but with a bit of flame. What brands and models are out there that are recent that I should be looking at? Should...
  11. jim777

    First Time for Everything Karma Baby

    Glad you ended up with your guitar! Gotta love a happy ending :)
  12. jim777

    New Tokai HLS day

    Ok, confirmed from Tokai via Ishibashi (in case anyone ever searches on one of these here): *HLS-LW* Made by Selected Light Weight wood. "Re-born old" logo Body : Flamed Maple +Maple Top / Mahogany Two Pieces Back Neck : Mahogany One Piece Neck Joint : Deep Joint Finger Board : Madagascar...
  13. jim777

    Genuine-looking MIJ Bursts?

    This is one of the best looking Les Pauls I've ever seen, it's just perfect. I'll have to shoot you an email when I win the lottery :)
  14. jim777

    Genuine-looking MIJ Bursts?

    Wow, those are stunning!
  15. jim777

    Disappointing day playing Gibson Les Pauls

    I'm glad you got a guitar you love :) I would have suggested a USA Hamer Special had I seen this earlier, but you've got a gorgeous guitar there :) Play it in health!
  16. jim777

    New Tokai HLS day

    Yeah, I got it from Ishibashi. It was a lot cheaper (like $400) through them directly than through their Reverb shop.
  17. jim777

    Genuine-looking MIJ Bursts?

    Yeah, that's how you do it!
  18. jim777

    New Tokai HLS day

    That one isn't mine, serial # is different and the coloring a is a bit different. I have to assume it was a '15 batch as this one and mine are both from '15. Part of that page translates to "Limited to 3 rare models" which likely means they had three different batches of the "Reborn Old" badged...
  19. jim777

    New Tokai HLS day

    Half of me wants to leave it as is, and half of me wants to put covers on the pickups and put the pickguard on it. I'll probably leave as is and if I get another Tokai LS/HLS I'll go the pickguard/covers route with that one.
  20. jim777

    New Tokai HLS day

    Yeah, that's the 79-81 script but you can get that script from a small batch Hibiki. My impression from Ishibashi (who have graciously taken on the task of finding out from Hibiki for me) is that it is likely from a run of maybe 10-20 guitars. It has a madagascar board like all the HLS guitars...

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