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  1. Heddok

    Worst smell in the world

    Phone call earlier this week Me- "Hi- Animal control? Yeah there's a dead deer in the bushes here that stinks real bad, there must be 30 vultures on my property having a dinner party. Can you send a truck out? 22 year old Gov Girl- "Sir - is the animal on private property or on public...
  2. Heddok

    Lamest gear purchase excuse ever

    I just told my wife I had to buy a solid state amp because my tube amp was making my practice room too hot!:jam: I live in Canada... it's never hot here. I am a pathetic human being
  3. Heddok

    Rewarding normal behavior!!!!!!!!!!!?????

    I told my wife I was thinking of buying a ES-335 to celebrate 25 years sobriety in Dec. As well it'll be a year not smoking in November, I found it really tough quitting. Her response.........." I didn't murder anyone yesterday, do I get a present?" Bam! right between the eyes. It struck...
  4. Heddok

    Granny Tazing!!?? When I am King....Heads will roll

    We have become an unruly mob of undisciplined animals who no longer respect authority because there are no consequences. So when this useless experiment with democracy is over and you people finally raise me to my proper place on the throne, the following proper punishments will come into...
  5. Heddok

    Ecosexual ???!!! my brain just broke

    I can't describe this read the article
  6. Heddok

    I like bar soap......... Am I weird??

    Just spent a week visiting at my son's place. His house his rules as he likes to remind me. I jump in the shower and there's no soap, just this awful eucalyptus flavoured avocado scented body wash stuff. So I picked up a bar of plain old soap at the grocery store. When the future DIL saw...
  7. Heddok

    One piano = how many guitars??

    My wife wants to know why I have 4 guitars and want a fifth while she has only one piano. She was really good at math at school and I wasn't so what is the correct mathematical formula?
  8. Heddok

    "Don't Eat That!!"

    I hate December. All this incredible food starts arriving in our house but when I open the fridge there's this gawd awful shrieking sound.......... "Don't you dare touch's for the guests!!" "I'm going to make that for Christmas Eve you can't have it now" "That's going to be an...
  9. Heddok

    Are you a nobody? Sadly...I am!

    As I look back on my 63 years I realize how unimportant and unexciting I am Nobody's ever tried to bribe me I've never punched out a reporter or given the finger to a TV news crew on my doorstep My neighbors don't gossip about me being "mobbed up" I'm not really sure what a burner phone is...
  10. Heddok

    First build and I'm terrified

    Well the last of the parts arrived for my first amp build. I'm highly experienced having built 1 pedal and re wired one guitar. I've got all this stuff here for a Hoffman 59 Bassman clone and I'm frozen with a feeling of impending doom. I'm not worried about blowing things up or stuff...
  11. Heddok

    God-dammit-- Another talking to strangers disaster

    Today was grocery day. I steeled myself with a cigarette in the parking lot. Into the store and there was my wife talking to the young store greeter...... wife-- "Brad -this is Darren, he has seizures and was wondering if cannabis would help. Darren, my husband used to be a psychiatrist and...
  12. Heddok

    I'm whelmed

    Not under or over......... just an average day. not great but not bad so just whelmed
  13. Heddok

    Why I hate public washrooms

    Last year my wife dragged me to the mall. I was feeling lousy, really unwell, with a gut ache. Suddenly I had that feeling I needed a bathroom right now. We were near the food court, great I thought, there's always toilets nearby. But then I saw the yellow sign, "Washroom closed for...
  14. Heddok

    Mechanical Sh!t I wished my wife and kid knew

    putting dead batteries in the kitchen drawer will not bring them back to life a $200 custom hunting knife will open paint cans but a rusty screwdriver won't break using vise grips doesn't mean you can ignore the "righty-tighty lefty-loosey" rule garden shears that spent the winter outside...
  15. Heddok

    Am I shallow??

    Normally I'm not too concerned about appearances. I dress like a bum and my car hasn't been washed in 6 months. But I'm shopping for my first Gibson and struggling. There's few stores in my area and it's a full day and $200 to take the ferry to Vancouver. My local L+M has a 2016...
  16. Heddok

    Buying Gibson from

    The guitar of my dreams, a 2016 Standard, is on sale on for $600 less than I can find anywhere else in Canada. Yet I'm incredibly hesitant about buying a guitar worth so much sight unseen from Amazon. I'm sure if it was damaged in shipment there'd be no problem returning it but...
  17. Heddok

    Hi from Vancouver Island

    Just joined the forum as I'm really looking for a lot of info before purchasing my first Les Paul. I'm just a hobbyist who will never play in public but I love guitar and spend hours a day at it. Currently have a MIM Strat I lreally like but rented an Epi Les Paul and liked the different...