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  1. Splattle101

    Yeah, there are some builds going on...

    Just deciding if either of these chunks of iron will do the job. They're both really a bit too much transformer for the amp I've got in mind, but I went for the one on the right in the end. The Classic Tone just never sounded nice, so it made sense to not go there.
  2. Splattle101

    Strymon Iridium

    Is anybody in here looking at the new Strymon Iridium? It's a pedal size modelling amp that seems to be aimed at a price point a little lower than the HX Stomp. It models three amps (Fender blackface, Vox, Marshall) and various cabinets. It has a bunch...
  3. Splattle101

    New Cabinet Day: I call this amp...

    Danger Mouse. Cuz it's only 5 Watts, so it's kinda mouse like in size, but it's loud and dangerous.
  4. Splattle101

    iRig & Amplitude

    Who's using the simple iRig into Amplitude on a phone or pad? Is anybody getting any decent sounds out of this thing? I got one to see what it was like, with the intention of my daughter using it for practice or whatever on her old iPod touch 5. But I'm finding it kinda crappy sounding and not...
  5. Splattle101

    Tweed Toys

    I'm just going to leave this here:
  6. Splattle101

    Simple Things...(tweed and tape content)

    Sometimes it's all about the simple things. This: Plugged into this thing: Into this nasty little thing: Sounds like this: SoundClick artist: splattle - page with MP3 music downloads :cool: Which I reckon is a fairly smokin' blues and rock sound, if I do say so. It's nice to...
  7. Splattle101

    Warm Up the DAR!!

  8. Splattle101

    New Build: Tweed...thing

    I planned to do a quick build earlier this year to 'warm up' for a more complicated job sitting on my bench. This is the supposedly quick build. It's kind of based on a tweed Champ, and it looks like this: The cab is from Mojo, and it's a tweed Princeton with some mods. Here's one of the...
  9. Splattle101

    New Fender-Inspired Build

    This is a project that's been a long time in gestation. I've been thinking and speculating about it for more than 18 months, and more recently I've been doing some calculations. Now that I think I've finally solved the technical problems, I got off my quoit and made a start. This one may take...
  10. Splattle101

    Magnetic Components Trannies?

    Does anybody in here have any experience with their product? They look very reasonably priced for what they are. :hmm: I'm thinking about trying some in a little 5F1 kind of thing.
  11. Splattle101

    Transformers & Rectos

    I have been doing some calculations for a power supply for an amp I want to build, and my mind turned to the power transformer. I have this international Mojotone PT that's their drop-n for Super Reverbs and black face Bassmans. It has a bunch of primaries, but only one choice for the HT...
  12. Splattle101

    Fender content: Screens coupled to plates?!?

    I was looking at the old Fender 5E7 schematic for the narrow panel tweed Bandmaster. Strange device! Cathode follwer tone driver, treble / bass / presence tone controls, cathodyne PI (??!!). Odd. But anyway, my eye lit upon the power section and saw that the screens are run from the centre...
  13. Splattle101

    Mmmm, KT66s a blackface. Mmmmmm :thumb::thumb::naughty::naughty:
  14. Splattle101

    5E3 build

    Yes, I've finally got around to doing this amp. I have the parts but I need to get the cab done first. Here's what I've got so far: The cab on its own, in the wild: And now I have to get the thing covered. Eek!:shock:. I hate this bit: More as it happens.:thumb:
  15. Splattle101

    15 September, Battle of Britain Day

    This day in 1940 the young men of the Royal Air Force Fighter Command saved the world. RAF - Battle of Britain - Roll of Honour Lest we forget
  16. Splattle101

    Rectifier Valves

    I was recently mucking around with my Bassman, changing power valves and rectos and changing it from cathode biased back to adjustable fixed bias. In the process I measured some voltages with various rectifiers in the circuit and I found the results interesting. The numbers given below are the...
  17. Splattle101

    Building a Tweed Deluxe...suggestions?

    A couple of weeks ago I was off to rehearsal and I went to grab my Champ head. Then I looked at my 2x12 cab that goes with it and somewhere at the back of my cerebellum the monkey rebelled and said, 'Boy, you need a one-handed amp!' So I decided to build a tweed Deluxe. :D I've bought a kit and...
  18. Splattle101

    Happy Darwin Day

    International Darwin day is a day to celebrate science and reason, and is usually held on 12 Feb. Here's to reason and science! :thumb::applause:
  19. Splattle101

    Here's one for you, Don!!!

    We know you have a thing for Fender Tremolux amps with 6BQ5s: STUPID RARE Vintage 1961 Pre-CBS Fender TREMOLUX EL84 Guitar Amplifier! RAAAARE! | eBay :D:D :thumb:
  20. Splattle101

    A little something

    I just don't know what.... This is a recording of my nasty little three-piece band doing one of our numbers called Bullets in some pub in deepest, darkest suburbia: SoundClick artist: splattle - page with MP3 music downloads This was recorded on a little Zoom jobbie, taking the ambient sound...

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