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  1. Dolebludger

    Tesla cybertruck countdown!

    Eight hours driving a Tesla truck? I don’t know if that will work our well or not. With trucks used more locally, the EVs should be great.
  2. Dolebludger

    Best New Car UNDER $20k?

    Does Mazda 3 have a leather upholstery option? I have recently observed that ant car (even Mercedes) has to have leather seats to avoid getting crap that does not last long.
  3. Dolebludger

    Best New Car UNDER $20k?

    BTW, I just looked on the site, and guess what I saw? The 2020 Versa. So, yes, Virginia, there is a 2020 Versa!
  4. Dolebludger

    Dave Mustaine diagnosed with throat cancer

    Best of luck and wishes to Dave. People can joke about the cause, but the fact is that nobody really knows what causes (or increases the risk of ) many kinds of cancer.
  5. Dolebludger

    Best New Car UNDER $20k?

    Just test drive a 19 Versa, a Hundai, a Honda Civic, a A Kia,a Toyota Corolla, and a Mazda 3. Then make up your mind on which suits YOU best. You could also try out something in the Subaru Impreza line, but I don’t like their handling and lack of acceleration.
  6. Dolebludger

    Tesla cybertruck countdown!

    I think (FWIW) that a EV pickup would be a more convenient choice over an ICE truck than an EV car over an ICE car. As wildhawk says, they are very suitable for driving in a local area, such as for a business, ranch or farm. And, contrary to what else he posts, I read that they have huge...
  7. Dolebludger

    PSA - Real Problems!!!!!!

    ehb, When car guys post about the advantages and problems with a certain make and model of vehicle, nobogy intends to make the problems serious ones that are earth shaking! We just like to talk about cars!
  8. Dolebludger

    Ford Mustang Mach E officially unveiled.

    Olds, It sounds like I need to do some more current research on EVs, And education is why I post on this forum. If I can charge up an EV in 15 to 30 minutes, we are getting there, aren't we? And the performance of many EVs certainly is attractive to me as a sports car enthusiast. What is the...
  9. Dolebludger

    Tube Amp Myths

    Soul Tramp, Where are you when we need you to explain things to us dummies!
  10. Dolebludger

    Ford Mustang Mach E officially unveiled.

    Olds, I am sorry, but I thought I read on this thread that the AWD "Mustang" SUV got something like 330 miles on a charge. I could be wrong. I'm old! And there may be more charging stations than when I looked up those on the Tesla site a couple of years back when I was looking to buy a new...
  11. Dolebludger

    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    Yeah, right. It is a fake!!!!
  12. Dolebludger

    Ford Mustang Mach E officially unveiled.

    I don't "dog" any EV cars. You must have me confused with another poster. The Mustang has a 330 mile range with 4WD, which is higher than any other EV I have heard of -- if there are higher ranges in others, what are they? And remember, Olds, I live in a remote part of the US where charging...
  13. Dolebludger

    Best time of the year

    Cool, If your doc says don't take the flu shot, just don't.
  14. Dolebludger

    Ford Mustang Mach E officially unveiled.

    Well, at least this "Mustang" EV is close to getting the range I need. Now how about a 15 minute or less charging time?
  15. Dolebludger

    Hocus Pocus Focus

    Yeah, that did suck, but look at the band name!
  16. Dolebludger

    Tube Amp Myths

    Scott, After I spend four years at MIT getting a degree in electrical engineering, I'll read your post again. Maybe then I'll be able to understand it!.
  17. Dolebludger

    NGD Vivian Campbell LP

    How I wish there were a music store where I could test play one of these without having to fly on the damned airlines to get there. I have been trying to nail Viv Campbell's solo on "Rainbow in the Dark" since 1983. I don't think I'll ever get it. I don't blame my guitars. I blame me! When Viv...
  18. Dolebludger

    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    Post this on the Fake Epiphone thread on this board to get expert advice.
  19. Dolebludger

    CITES Restrictions on Guitars to be Over Soon!

    Rag, With the small amount of wood used on guitar fret boards of guitars and other string instruments, I think these laws are stupid as well. But if ebony is not restricted, and as striped ebony has become available as per Bob Taylor, I think guitar manufacturers are just ripping us off using...
  20. Dolebludger

    One thing after another. Thumb injury.

    Bling, Last May I stumbled over a pillow left in our living room floor and extended my right hand on the coffee table to prevent falling. Then, my little finger on my right hand was just hanging there at the first joint. There was no pain, but the first joint wouldn't raise the little finger to...

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