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    Early to mid 90s Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut

    The guitar has arrived (technically yesterday)! Ordered on Monday, arrived the next day early. I didn't even know that was possible :shock:. And man, what a beaut she is! I'm pretty busy but will post some pictures a bit later. Thanks again for replies everyone!
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    Early to mid 90s Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut

    That is one sweet looking guitar! I just read up on them online and everyone seems to love how they play and sound, not to mention they come really nicely appointed at a great price. Added to my "wishlist.":D Thanks for sharing!
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    Early to mid 90s Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut

    Trigger has been pulled! :D Thanks for the replies everyone!
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    Early to mid 90s Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut

    That's one of the ones I've been considering and whose seller I've been talking with, it's a pretty fine looking guitar!
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    Early to mid 90s Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut

    Hey, thanks for the reply! Believe it or not, from my "research" (which mainly involves trawling reverb, ebay, and other places for les paul specials daily), it seems there are significantly more singlecuts for sale than doublecuts (except for 2015s; there are so many 2015 doublecuts for sale)...
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    Early to mid 90s Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut

    Hey everyone, I'm currently in the market for an early to mid 90s Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut, which in my experience thus far are a good bit harder to find than the singlecut. I've found a couple for sale and am discussing prices with the sellers, but it occurred to me that while I...
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    FS: Rude Mood Amp!!

    PM sent
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    FS: 1997 Honeyburst Les Paul '58 Reissue

    That is one killer top! Good luck with the sale!
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    Please delete

    Bump for a one of the sweetest looking LPs I've seen in a while. So very tempting...
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    NVGD - 1955 Restoration/Conversion - The Red Bellied Black Snake

    Best restoration I think I've ever seen, great guitar and pictures! Thank you for sharing
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    no longer for sale

    Man, that is one the most beautiful guitars I've ever laid eyes on. Wish I had the spare funds to pick this up. Good luck with the sale!
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    FS: 1994 Gibson Les Paul R9 with big flame

    One of the few tops I've ever seen where I audibly said, "WOW!" out loud. Good luck with the sale, wish I had the money to drop on this beauty.
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    Soldier "Slash" style strap

    I like Slash and I like a good guitar strap, so I ordered one of these as well. Can't go too wrong for just $24.99. Thanks for letting us know about the killer deal!
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    FS: 2 Brand new never used Mogami Platinum 12ft Cables

    Thank you for a great transaction! Highly recommended:thumb:
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    What are you looking to get next?

    I have one of those. It looks great, but my one has an unprecedented amount of glaring finish flaws, mostly in various spots on the binding, and easily the worst nut out of any guitar I've ever seen or played, even after various setups, etc. That said, when I can wrangle the g string into...
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    NGD Les Paul Std HB 02

    Easily one of the best and most unique tops I've had the pleasure of seeing! Nice!
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    Sad Sad Day, thanks brown truck guys

    This is most people's biggest fear when having anything delivered, let alone a magnificent guitar such as yours. I really am sorry that whoever did that felt that is an acceptable and professional way to treat someone else's property, whether they knew what was in the box or not. I hope...