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  1. Breakrite

    NGD: 1978 LP Pro ... I believe they call it "mojo"

    I had a 78 Pro Deluxe just like that. Bought it new in 78 in Temple, TX. Sold it in 84 in Springfield, VA. Played it in bars all over the Southeast US. Looked exactly like that. Same yellowing from mostly smoke from clubs. Had an Anvil case. Smelled like an ashtray... Great guitar...
  2. Breakrite

    My Les Paul Defect Burst - Beauty or the Beast?

    Like a very recognizable birthmark you’d recognize 30 years from now.....
  3. Breakrite

    FS: Ethos Overdrive - THE Dumble pedal

    Wow..that didn’t last long and rightly so. Was going to add that they have great demo on the video at 16:35 and at 17:25 to just about 19:00 (For anyone wondering how amazing that pedal is)
  4. Breakrite

    Stupid Deal Of The Day. 2017 Gibson Explorer w/Hardcase. SOLD...

    Second on awesome deal! I own same model already or it would be gone. GLWS. Great deal.
  5. Breakrite

    Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster 1956 sunburst vintage rare guitar $ 7300

    :shock: Wow! That’s beautiful.
  6. Breakrite

    1955 Les Paul Jnr Resto-Mod

    That’s gorgeous. Great work, you’re very talented. Question. How do you intonate with a tailpiece like that?
  7. Breakrite

    Please show me your fiddlebacks.

    Does this wood grain count?
  8. Breakrite


    Double Wow
  9. Breakrite

    Revox repairs

    I was curious what the R2R was, so I highlighted it and the search engine gave me this result. Maybe it will help?
  10. Breakrite

    1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom 20th Anniversary

    Wow nice. GLWS. I remember walking into a music store in 1974 in Fayetteville NC, when I got stationed at Ft. Bragg. I drooled over the white Les Paul’s. They were about $550 at the time and way out of my price range..
  11. Breakrite

    NGD:60th Anni R9 Aged

    I say it every time....”how do you find these?” Always picking winners!
  12. Breakrite

    What's the HEAVIEST LP out there?

    1980 LP Pro. Not the heaviest but probably pretty common weight for the period. 10 lb 4 3/4 oz. I had a 78 Pro that was kept in an early 80’s Anvil road case that seemed like 40 pounds total weight.
  13. 1980 Les Paul Pro

    1980 Les Paul Pro

    Weight at 10 lb 4 3/4 oz.
  14. Breakrite

    Had a chance to play a burst last week

    Yep.... Thanks for sharing.
  15. Breakrite

    63 Les Paul Neck Find

    A Pete Townshend casualty?
  16. Breakrite

    Is there a clean way to replace Gibson/Kluson tuners...

    PRS SC58 2011 by Breakrite posted Jan 21, 2012 at 7:40 PM Hey scozz, It’s almost your twin in my PRS.
  17. Breakrite

    Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul 1959 Reissue VOS Sunrise Tea Burst

    :shock: Wow.... GLWS, that’s a beauty.
  18. Breakrite

    NGD:2018 R9 Brazilian Aged

    I was thinking the same thing!
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    How do you find these? Your guitars never cease to amaze.
  20. Breakrite

    '59 burst playing

    That was refreshing...kudos for the sharing.