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  1. Bigfoot410

    New Jeep Rubicon Pickup.

    Not particularly great at anything. Good off road package, but not great. Shitty on gas yet I still really want one and have been trying to figure out a way to get one without doubling my car payments I already have. I've built a bunch on the website and can't get it under 54K before taxes...
  2. Bigfoot410

    Bear and Wolf: Best Friends.

    Just came across this. Very cool. and great shots. :) Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen captured the amazing sight of a female grey wolf and a male brown bear. The unlikely friendship was documented over the course of ten days in 2013. The duo was captured walking everywhere together...
  3. Bigfoot410

  4. Bigfoot410

    SR-71 Lockheed Blackbird

    LOVE I'm not a pilot, but know a few and know what this pilot is talking about. Funny shit. What a frickin' plane!! :)
  5. Bigfoot410

    Didn't think I would, but I miss Chris Cornell

    GAWD, what a voice.
  6. Bigfoot410

    Reaction Videos

    I've been binge watching reaction videos since I've been down for a few days. I don't know why I like them so much, but I love to see peoples' reaction to a song that they've never heard before and I know and love to listen to. Anyone else as screwed up as me?? To watch them "get it" all the...
  7. Bigfoot410

    Americas Got Talent.

    Last week's show. This 10 year old Emanne Beasha gave me goosebumps with this Bryan Adams song. Hope she wins the whole damn thing. What a talent!! Last night was pretty damn good too. :)
  8. Bigfoot410

    Appendix removal.

    Had major pains for a week while working and finally couldn't take it anymore and went to the hospital yesterday. They immediately took me back for surgery and removed my appendix. I got four very bruised holes in my belly and am in more pain this morning than I was before the surgery. How...
  9. Bigfoot410

    NASCAR fans. "A Blink Of An Eye"

    I think could be the best sports story since Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo. What say you? I know where I was and know how I felt when the news of Dale Sr. was released. Both my stepdad and my mom cried. I was crying before they knew I was. It hurt and I knew it would devastate the sport. It's...
  10. Bigfoot410

    What Was Your Best Job?

    In the early 80's, I worked aboard "Canada's Fightingest Ship" The HMCS Haida. It was a Tribal Class destroyer from WWII and refitted to fight in the Korean war. When I worked on it, she was a floating museum anchored in Toronto Harbor at Ontario Place. I started as a WWII era uniformed...
  11. Bigfoot410

    Texas. Here we go again....

    2 dead, 20 far.
  12. Bigfoot410

    Best Name.

    Solo, band, actor, comedian.....real life. Who has the best name?? For me, it has to be hot eating champion "Joey Chestnut". You could be a "made man", comedian, actor, MMA fighter, rock star guitarist, kids TV star or a multitude of other personas. Joey Chestnut is the coolest name ever. :)...
  13. Bigfoot410

    Dayton Strong

    WTF does that even mean?? Since the shootings here last week, all I see and hear on the news is "Dayton Strong". I was down where the shootings were yesterday for a German festival and they were selling shirts and saw signs everywhere that said it. I just don't get what it means. I'm sure...
  14. Bigfoot410

    I Unhate JB

    Not a fan of his music as he's too good, too clean. One of the best guitarist technically. Just sterile to my ears. Kinda like Joey Dego. (attempt to read Joey's posts again. Miss his shit) Anyhow, JB is able to afford and enjoy the thing about vintage guitars I think we all dream/dreamt about...
  15. Bigfoot410

    YouTube can suck it!

    Commercial at the start= OK. Banner ads blocking every video= can live with it as you can click them off. FUCKING commercials 3 times throughout the song that you can't turn off = Go fuck yourself Youtube. !!!! WTF do they think they are doing!? You CANNOT listen and watch a Pink Floyd video...
  16. Bigfoot410

    I need to borrow $35. Anyone??

  17. Bigfoot410

    Happy Birthday PeteK

    As Roberteaux remined us, it's your birthday too. Happy Birthday and hopes for great health and many more years of everything good. :) Didn't know. Hope you have an awesome day :)
  18. Bigfoot410

    Feeling Lucky.

    Holy tornadoes, Batman. Up all night dodging tornadoes. Massive damage all around Dayton and north of us. Flooding everywhere. Hope everybody is ok. Crazy night.
  19. Bigfoot410

    Sony Products

    I've been a big fan of the quality of Sony since they were actually made in Japan. Maybe not the best sounding equipment, but good quality. Anyhow, I use a Sony radio Walkman while I mow the yard. I have 5 acres of treed crap and it's a pain in the ass. I lose reception on my phone (S7 Edge)...
  20. Bigfoot410

    Brit Floyd

    Going to see them Saturday night. Are they as good as advertised?? I saw "Dark Side Of The Moon" a couple years ago and they were amazing. I heard or read that Brit Floyd was the cat's ass as far as Pink Floyd cover bands. I saw one Pink Floyd (real) show years ago (the first series without...