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  1. freebyrd 69

    First big brawl at a gig......

    Holy shit! I’ll upload pictures tomorrow because I can’t do it from my phone. Didn’t get any of the brawl but a few of the aftermath. Broken glasses, broken tables.....shit everywhere. I have played this venue for over 20 years at least a few times a year, and I have seen one altercation at a...
  2. freebyrd 69

    THIS IS NOT A POLICITAL POST......'s not....only if you make it one. Happy Hump day bitches!
  3. freebyrd 69 CAT day

    I'm 50 and I've had at least one cat most of my life going back to childhood. I like dogs well enough, but, with my busy life, too much work. Anyway, I had to put my last cat down a few months before I moved after my divorce. I met my fiancé, and her daughter (8 at the time, 12 now) was allergic...
  4. freebyrd 69


    Got a chance to play a great gig over Labor Day weekend this year. What a blast. 40' pontoon boat on an inland chain of lakes (Portage, Strawberry, Zukey for all of the Michigan peeps). Double decker, and we decided to put the drummer and bass player on the top deck. Boats, alcohol, and rock and...
  5. freebyrd 69

    2001 Gibson Monster top R8

    This is the whole package! The guitar is in really nice condition! Due to the “improvements” made to this forum where you can no longer post pictures from your phone, I’ll attach the incoming thread I started to show you pictures, and get some more up tomorrow when I have a computer at work...
  6. freebyrd 69

    Value of a 68 Tele?

    Any clue? What’s a fair price for this?
  7. freebyrd 69

    Barricaded gunman about 1 mile from my house

    Geez man....SWAT teams and all. I saw the fire truck had the road blocked on my way home from work about 645 pm., it’s now 11:30 ish and still a stand-off. Police chief lives in our sub, so that’s a plus! We will see what happens...
  8. freebyrd 69

    Echo Park Guitars Building Gibson’s Now

    Just saw an interesting article about this. Apparently Echo Park Guitars is now licensed to build Gibson flying bees and explores here in Michigan. Interesting… Gibson licensing another builder to produce their guitars. Things are changing...
  9. freebyrd 69

    Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Chris Stapleton cover......

    So I can't find the thread, but another member started one about this particular song. We thought it would be a great one for us to cover, but weren't sure how well known the song was. As soon as I announced we were doing a song that just dropped by these guys, a few people screamed "is it...
  10. freebyrd 69

    Last minute Gary Clark Jr. tonight

    Fiancé was at her friends cottage this weekend, so I decided to head up to see the show. GREAT seats and to follow!
  11. freebyrd 69

    Post your "Playing guitar in a band doesn't suck" pics!

    Mine from Saturday's gig.......
  12. freebyrd 69

    EF U Michigan Weather....

    ANOTHER cancelled gig.....and the worst part is, we were supposed to be INSIDE this time! $1500 gig for a members golf invitational. Our singer shows up at noon to set up, and.......venue has no power. This is the 3rd gig this summer already we have had cancelled......and that's not counting the...
  13. freebyrd 69

    Great news...DEEZNUTS has been released!

    Imagine being the guy assigned to write THIS article. LOL
  14. freebyrd 69

    Any good live music spots near Jupiter Florida?

    Headed to the Jupiter/West Palm area this Saturday - next Thursday the 4th. No specific plans, just a little get away. Suggestions welcome!
  15. freebyrd 69

    Weight gain and significant other.....

    So this turned into a huge debate a week or so ago with a group of people that we were out with. I thought you all might get a kick out of the topic. The conversation went along these lines...... One of the guys in the group has a female cousin, and they are close (not Kentucky close, just in a...
  16. freebyrd 69

    A buddy did some video for our band

    And it came out GREAT! Say what you want about Facebook, but it has it's great points too. One day I was on there, and they have that "people you may know" line. Well, I saw a guy on there that I knew from my childhood, and hadn't seen since I was probably 10 or 12 years old. He was in a band...
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    We have had the most miserable spring/early summer possible. In the whole month of May, there were only 2 times where we had 2 consecutive days without rain. June has been pretty much the same. We had 3 gigs scheduled 3 days in a row, this past Thurs., Fri., and tonight, all outdoors. Thursday...
  18. freebyrd 69

    Anybody see the Elton John (Rocketman) movie yet?

    If so, what did you think? I enjoyed Bohemian, despite the critics knocks and being meh on Queen as a band. I don't watch these expecting a "documentary", just entertainment. It looks good to me, but trailers can make anything look good. LOL. Opinions?
  19. freebyrd 69

    Please vote for my band SONIC FURY.....

    Got word today that we made it to the finals and voting is now open. If we win, we will open for one of the following: Marshall Tucker, Lover Boy, Soul Asylum, Mark Farner (Grand Funk), Ion Anderson (YES), or Little River Band. I am including a picture of what OUR tab looks like to save you all...
  20. freebyrd 69

    RIP Niki Lauda

    70......relatively young :(. I remember watching him race. Pretty amazing driver.