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  1. lp_junkie

    My current lineup

    So I dug out the old stompboxes and put together a chain that I am using now. All are Boss pedals- Auto Wah (AW2) Compressor/Sustainer (CS3) Mega Distortion (MD2) Distortion (DS1) Equalizer (GE7) Noise Suppressor (NS2) Chorus (CE2) Running into either an older Marshall VS100 combo...
  2. lp_junkie

    Alive and well

    I finally broke down and bought a new computer. So far the new life is going well- new town, new job, working on divorce. This morning I dusted off the Les Paul, downloaded new recording software, and updated my recording interfaces. Life is good, once I get my studio in order I can...
  3. lp_junkie

    Life is good

    I had a heart attack in May, it changed my priorities. I filed for divorce and moved to a new town. I contacted my exwife who I hadn't seen or spoken to in 14 years, we started talking and are getting remarried on what would have een our 20th anniversary, realizing we never should have split...
  4. lp_junkie

    Selling Boss CE2 Chorus

    Thought I would give MLP first shot at it.
  5. lp_junkie

    Selling my Orville LP Custom

    I put an ad in the member classifieds, figured I would give MLP first shot at it.
  6. lp_junkie

    Boss CE2 Chorus

    For sale- Boss CE2 Chorus pedal I bought it new in 1988, it shows some wear but works great. These sell on Ebay for $150-300 Sell it now price- $125, US Postal Money Order. I haven't used this in a long time, so it is just gathering dust here, someone else will appreciate it. will post pics.
  7. lp_junkie

    1997 Orville Les Paul Custom

    I need to sell a guitar pretty quick- 1997 Fujigen made LPC75 Black w gold hardware Duncan 59 pickups Schaller strap locks Gibson USA hardshell case It is on Ebay, opening price is $500, here is the link 1997 Orville Les Paul Custom It is the guitar in my avatar. I used this guitar on...
  8. lp_junkie

    What's new?

    I've been gone a long time, I kinda put down my guitars for awhile but now I am back to playing again trying to get a new band together. My job tanked and so I have been out of work and in survival mode for a few months, sold off a lot of gear to pay bills, still no job. So what's happening?
  9. lp_junkie

    12-56 ouch.......

    I had been using 9's again for a few months and I just put a set of EB Not Even Slinky's on (12-56) and I forgot how massive they are. My fingers are killing me after tuning up and a little 30 minute jam. But the tone is all that matters, thick and crunchy.
  10. lp_junkie

    I'm back!!!!

    Looking around to see what's new.
  11. lp_junkie

    Been away for a bit..........

    I got medically cleared to re enter the military, so I have been busting my ass getting back into shape and waiting for orders to report for duty. Not much time to play, I cut my hair off a month ago.
  12. lp_junkie

    Eminence speakers- Redcoat or Texas Heat?

    I am refurbing my ancient Marshall VS100 combo, it needs a new speaker so I am looking at the Eminence Redcoat or the (Patriot)Texas Heat, both are 150 watt, 8 ohm speakers but each has it's own "flavor". Having used neither one before I want to know what some of you think and if you have...
  13. lp_junkie

    Tone Report Marshall MA-100H

    I was at a local shop and they had a deal on the MA100 I couldn't pass on, $499 so I bought and got it home and hooked into my cabinets for a 3 hour test drive. It will run a single 8 ohm cab, or a single 16 Ohm cab (it has a dedicated 16 ohm out) or two 16 ohm cabs in parallel (equalling 8...
  14. lp_junkie

    Acoustic guitar stands

    I need to find an acoustic guitar stand for onstage use. I am looking for one of the ones that will allow me to walk up and play acoustic while still having my electric slung on the strap so I can switch back and forth. I have found several but they are for regular dreadnaught bodies, I...
  15. lp_junkie

    What I've been up to lately

    I've been writing and recording demos for a solo album called "Beggar's Ball", also the name of my solo band. I have 5 of the 15 songs for the album as demos, these are as the band will hear them for the first time, tomorrow. Give a listen, let me know what you think (be nice, my vox suck...
  16. lp_junkie

    Drummers- RANT

    Why is it that almost every drummer I have worked with has been a flake? :mad: After taking a break to write some new songs and work on a few covers, our drummer just called up yesterday and quit with no explanation. I am at a point where we need someone that has the same professionalism and...
  17. lp_junkie

    I sold my last Gibson this week.

    After going through my rig again, I decided that my Orville Custom and Standard are still my favorite guitars, so once again bye bye Gibson. Mostly I buy them for a specific project/song etc or to modify and sell. I sold the 08 Standard back to my brother for the $1000 I bought it for...
  18. lp_junkie

    Ordered some new mics for the studio

    since I have a dedicated studio drum kit, I ordered another SM57, and a pair of Rode NT1's for overheads, and 7 more stands so I will have at least 8-10 mics on the kit permanently now. No more repatching everything so I can get mics for other taskes :) I am gearing up for a new solo...
  19. lp_junkie

    I found my old 4 track machine

    I was digging through some boxes and found my old Tascam 4 track, after cleaning it up I decided to dig out some old cassette demos that I had done over the years. I found some great songs, so I am in the process of transferring the tracks into Logic so I can either clean then up and remix...
  20. lp_junkie

    MIJ action shots, post em if you got em

    Here is my LPC 85 in action from the Samhain Festival in October.......... This is by far one of the best guitars that I own, here is what it sounded like Naked Live 10/15/10