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  1. gnappi

    ES-339 of 2018

    I've wanted a 339 for over 10 years, but a svelte 335 and a couple of others crossed my path, and they got me to get the checkbook out. Also, even though I generally don't have much of a preference for color, the solid red, black, and dark bursts are OK, but I kept looking for something...
  2. gnappi

    Some Gibsons for sale (CONUS only)

  3. gnappi

    ES-330 HB

    Up until a few days ago I had not known of the 2018 ES-330 equipped with HB's. Since I already have a CS 330L the model wasn't even a blip on my radar screen so search results for things I wanted excluded the 330, 335, 345, 347, and other common 3xx gits. Luckily this one popped up as an...
  4. gnappi

    LP Custom with richlite

    I know there are the "I wouldn't buy one" and "I don't care" camps on richlite FB's (I'm in the latter) and the material has been discussed at length but I am in the market for a custom and I just can't see forking over ~$1000 (or more) for the same git with Ebony as opposed to richlite. I...
  5. gnappi

    Single fret touch up

    My GF has these glass nail files and they leave a flawless finish on recently cut nails so, I figured I'd try one on a git I have that had one single fret with one string buzzing. I figured at best the buzz would be gone, at worst I'd move the buzz up one. I was very happy that I could easily...
  6. gnappi

    Raiders of the lost case :-)

    I'm noticing what I think is a new(ish) trend in git sales where a very new model listed for sale has included a beat up older OEM case, aftermarket piece of junk, or worse still no case at all and the price of the selection is pretty much in line with the same model where the original case is...
  7. gnappi

    Les Paul ES "Special"

    The "special" has 57 / Super 57 pups installed instead of the MHS in the higher end LP-ES, and the finish is a bit less, well... less and the back of the body and neck is black instead of finished. If you're like me and really like the 57's (even over the MHS) and don't give a hoot about the...
  8. gnappi

    Les Paul ES Color variations

    Besides the lemon, cherry, light, honey, bourbon and tobacco bursts, ebony, classic white and blue were there any others?
  9. gnappi

    Yet ANOTHER pup ID request Issit a 490R?

    I just got this pup and was told it's a 490R. But, all of the 490's I've seen had shielded cable, this one has the plastic coated cable that comes with 57 Classics. Is it a 490R? It reads 3.98k
  10. gnappi


    Locally there's an 07 "guitar of the week" LP Classic in "fireburst"? I've seen fireburst on SG's but not a LP. It has a bound head too, I've never never seen one like this. Legit?
  11. gnappi

    1st gen Classic Custom

    What colors were the first run LP Classic Custom available? Also what were the most unusual or rare colors?
  12. gnappi

    Building a Les Paul peace

    Can a LP peace be built without oem peace parts like the pcb the controls are on? I'm tempted to buy a project they came in some cool colors.
  13. gnappi

    Triple pup supreme or a STANDARD?

    I never thought I'd see a 3 pup supreme for the same price as a standard ($2400) but did today in a LGS that's doing a clearance. If I didn't already have a 2 pup model I would have bought it. After seeing this I can only imagine what the wholesale and markups are involved from Gibson.
  14. gnappi

    Odd TRC

    I've never seen this truss rod cover. It's on an "82" LP that's supposed to be all original? Has anyone ever seen this one?
  15. gnappi

    I prefer pickguards

    I posted this on another forum but I figure it's worth repeating here. I recently found out that I REALLY prefer playing a guitar with a pickguard, but some models from Gibson may be "too pretty" to be having that flamey maple top ruined with a distracting black pickguard. This one was $15.00...
  16. gnappi

    Are special orders commonplace

    I have a LPDC that I bought several years ago and I wrote Gibson about the DC. How common are special orders like this? I imagine there's no collectability on them but it's a cool git anyway. Thanks for contacting Gibson. This finish was not available on regular production...
  17. gnappi

    Les Paul Peace Hollow?

    I've seen the pics of the chambered body on Gibson's site, but I found one where the entire area inder the pickups is hollow? Are there two variations on this models body?
  18. gnappi

    Cheap guitars

    I've been playing (on and off) over 50 years and as I aged thankfully I have been able to afford "better" stuff. Also as I aged I came to realize that "better" (more costly) didn't always make some things better than others. I have several examples on my walls including franken casters...
  19. gnappi

    Do you have a BAD neck?

    Ok, ok, this may not be a good idea for Gibson guitars with a set neck, but I have a tele clone that I'm converting to fretless. Some of the sounds from a fretless git are remarkable. Check the web for video of fretless players that IMO if you want to add to your bag of sounds, this can be a...
  20. gnappi

    Greco EG800 3 pup black beauty copy

    I had nothing to do today (I retired a couple of months ago) so me and my crotch rocket motorcycle went to enjoy the cool weather. I went into a LGS and there was a 70's Greco three pup "black beauty" LP copy sitting in a stand. To make a long story short I could NOT put it down, and the...