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  1. Funkadelic

    CITES Restrictions on Guitars to be Over Soon!

    "Since 2017, the CITES treaty has become one of the largest bugbears for the guitar industry, as it has made the transportation of musical instruments internationally more expensive and time consuming for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of all sizes. Now, that seems likely to change."...
  2. Funkadelic

    $100k Jimmy Page Aged & Signed

    Maybe this has already come up (sorry if it has). 100k for a Page A/S. WTF! 2004 Gibson Custom 1959 Les Paul Jimmy Page #7 Aged/Signed | New Arrivals | Wildwood Guitars Is that what they're really going for?
  3. Funkadelic

    Stunning 59 Burs FS at... Denmark St.!!

    Oh yeah, I just hope none of the Harrison convicted mob guys have anything to do with this. Are these the same dudes as Music Ground? Stunning burst nonetheless. 1959 Gibson 1959 Les Paul Standard "Grainger Burst' Sunburst > Guitars : Electric Solid Body - Denmark Street Guitars
  4. Funkadelic

    2003 R8 Brazilian

    Hi folks, Selling this one for a friend who isn't in the forum thing :slash: He's selling a few guitars to fund another project. I used to own this so I can say it's an amazing piece, in great condition too. I can't remember the weight, but it was darn close to 9lbs, as far as I remember...
  5. Funkadelic

    Stunning Lemon 59 FS

    Beautiful one, anyone know the serial? Gibson Les Paul Standard 1959 Sunburst Guitar For Sale SPC Guitars
  6. Funkadelic

    Broken neck, repaired, checked, stressed... or simply flamey?

    Hi guys! I am looking at this guitar that has something strange going on around the neck... 2 things actually: first, some hairline cracks that could be your average checking (why only there, it's the only place you'll find it at), so I'm suspecting maybe stressed neck? Also there's this...
  7. Funkadelic

    WTB: Vintage LP Jr Singlecut

    Hi folks! Lookin for a chunky neck LP Jr, beat up or clean, I'll consider both! PM me if you have one you're letting go. Cheers!!
  8. Funkadelic

    Richie Sambora's Burst for Sale

    Here ya go, folks!! Gibson Les Paul Standard Richie Sambora Owned 1959 Burst Guitar For Sale New Kings Road Guitars Some pics:
  9. Funkadelic

    $25k 2001 R9

    No affiliation. Nice price tag :slash: 2001 Gibson LP Standard aged by Tom Murphy 1 of 50 | eBay
  10. Funkadelic

    Replaced speaker and now it's touching the power tube... Any help?

    That's right guys. I have a Fender Champ and replaced the original speaker with a Jensen Alnico P8R... The middle tube (power tube, a 6V6) is almost touching the back of the speaker, because the magnet shield on these are kind of big. I had no idea this could happen, the P8R is the logic...
  11. Funkadelic

    2001 Murphy Aged Brazilian Les Paul... HOLY GRAIL!

    2001 Gibson Custom Shop R9 Les Paul Brazilian Board Murphy Aged w COA and Case | eBay Well, I can't believe some sellers. It is obviously NOT in the BRAZ range. I wrote asking for more pics, he sent them, and I told him that the board was not Braz. He NEVER REPLIED. He's obviously trying to...
  12. Funkadelic

    What? The Peter Green FS @ Music Ground??

    DENMARK STREET GUITARS RARE AND VINTAGE GUITARS AND AMPS Check out one of the sliders, it says "1959 Les Paul Standard Ex Peter Green". At Music Ground? WTF!? Scam... ? :cool:
  13. Funkadelic

    Another burst in the UK... this one well priced??

    Guys from Guitaravenue have just listed this one in their Vintage and Rare account. Gibson Les Paul Standard 1960 Sunburst Guitar For Sale Guitaravenue Ltd Not a bad deal, if you ask me... Any hidden issues that could explain the price? It is insanely low for a UK priced burst, imo...
  14. Funkadelic

    Historic Blistered Tops... post yours!

    Hi guys, I already introduced my blister top some time ago, but was hoping to see more of these rare maple tops from the Historic era, you just never get to see anyone posting about them, and they're just so different from one another... I did some heavy research on these way before owning...
  15. Funkadelic

    Beautiful Iguana Burst only 25k!! L@@k!!

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Iguana Burst Custom Shop Limited Monster Flame Top | eBay Nice, huh? Wonder what color this turns into when you're tripped! How about the price? :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  16. Funkadelic


    Hi guys, Been wondering this for a while, but haven't really been able to say 100% sure myself. Do you think this has been refretted? How much value do you think a refret knocks off a collectible guitar? Gibson Custom Les Paul 1959 Historic Reissue 2001 Brazilian Murphy Aged | eBay They guy...
  17. Funkadelic

    '01 R9 Braz and Marshall 1974X, great team! How about yours?

    Hi guys! Now that summer is really coming to an end (and before it starts to rain every day :hyper:), I'd like to share a couple of sunset pics of The Solburst '01 Braz with an amp that really makes her bark: a 1974X. Have never tried an original, but these sound amazing, and you can crank...
  18. Funkadelic

    Amazing Monster '59

    Hi guys, Many of you may already know this one, but I was browsing through Burstserial and came across 9 0291. Absolutely stunning! One of the best orig. burst tops I've seen. Anyone know anything about it?
  19. Funkadelic

    Kirk Douglas SG: Anyone tried it?

    Was wondering if anyone has tried this yet!! It looks AWESOME!! Anyone care to post street price for this baby? Cheers!
  20. Funkadelic

    NGD: "The Solburst" - 2001 Murphy Aged Blister Top Brazilian R9

    Hi guys, Some of you may already know this one, belonged to a very nice guy from this forum! I finally managed to take some decent pictures of it, so here it is, The Solburst!! It's one of the 37 (or was it 38?) R9's with confirmed Brazilian from that year, and I believe this was the only...