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  1. chef42974

    1979 Gibson chainsaw case Gen 2

    Selling a near mint 1979 Gibson Chainsaw Case Gen 2. All latches working no cracks or rips. In amazing shape. Asking $260 obo and shipping. I will accept venmo for payment. PM me and I will send you photo's
  2. chef42974

    Chainsaw case gen 2

    Anyone interested in a Gen 2 chainsaw case? One latch broke but have a replacement on order. Other than that it's in perfect condition.
  3. chef42974

    Two Pretty Les Pauls

    Two REal Pretty Les Pauls Being Played in a GREAT song!!!!!!!! Who remembers this one? Ram Jam - Black Betty *OFFICIAL VIDEO* W/ Lyrics HD - YouTube
  4. chef42974

    EZ come EZ go

    So I posted here a few weeks ago about my Les Paul Studio I picked up for $300. Today I used it as part of my payment for my new Motorcycle. Guy I was buying it from let me know he played guitar and he was in the market for a LP. I saw my opportunity and used it to knock off $1000 from the bikes...
  5. chef42974

    What if???

    What if there was no such thing as a Gibson Les Paul.....(Hurts just thinking about it), What would you be playing..............GO: Ibanez RG550 Your Turn
  6. chef42974

    How long do you play each day

    My wife came into my Music room/Office a little while ago and said "you are playing again?" I thought about why she would have said that and I guess it seems that when I am home I play my guitar around 2-3 hours a night. Lots of time its just me Messing around with Solos and diffrent Riffs but...
  7. chef42974

    Traditional or a Traditional Pro?

    Would you rather have a Traditional or a Traditional Pro both brand new? Traditional Pro: The new Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional Pro may take design and visual cues from Les Pauls of the 80's and 90's, but it delivers a fat, snarling tone that vintage purists love. Featuring Burstbucker...
  8. chef42974

    EMG's in Studio

    So I posted a few weeks ago about my great find a 07 LP Studio for $300 on CL. The owner changed the pups and did not have the Orig. anymore. I had a set of EMG 81/85 in a box I got from a guy for a trade a few years ago. I got the new pots from EMG and hooked them all up today. What a cool...
  9. chef42974

    Using Active EMG 81/85

    I have a 2007 Gibson Les Paul Studio. Do I need to do anything to the guitar for me to drop a set of 81/85 EMGs in it? using all the Origanal Studio POTS and wires?
  10. chef42974

    New Member of my family

    Picked up a 2007 LP Studio in Wine red from CL yesterday for I still cant belive it $350. The Guitar needed some TLC and it is mssing the Origanal PUPS but I am going to put a set of 81/85 that I have in it anyway. Now I have two Wine Reds...... 2011 Tradtional Pro and 2007 Studio. [/IMG]
  11. chef42974

    Is a Studio, is a Studio, is a Studio?

    I was Thinking about buying a LP Studio to add to me ever growing collection of Guitars. I am looking to buy new (unless I get a great deal on CL) and I am not looking for any special model. I have heard that some finishes play better then others (And I know guys.....its how it plays to me...
  12. chef42974

    TC G Major

    Does anyone know if this is a good processor? I have read reviews but I would love to get some input from people who might have used it. I can pick one up used for $175 is it worth it? Thanks
  13. chef42974

    With Pick Guard or With out that is the question

    This is my LP Traditional Pro in Wine Red. I have been toying with taking the Pick-guard off and showing off more of the body. I think I like it with out, however what do I do withthe holes in the guitar, I dont want them to be a starting point for chipping. So Guard Yes or No?? Thanks all...
  14. chef42974

    Is ths a Fake

    I have never seen this guitar before, a guy is selling it for $800 in CL saying he paid $1500 for it and billing it as a "limited edition Gibson les paul 1960's tribute" Said the pictures are backwards because of his PC camera? It just looks fake to me?? I also asked for SN and a shot of the...
  15. chef42974

    New Head!!!!!!!

    Just picked this up today its the Peavey JSX 120 Tube head. This is my first All Tube head. I cant belive the diffrence in sound from my Solid state. I found the sound that my Les Paul was missing................:dude:
  16. chef42974

    Gibson Nighthawk Yes or No

    I know nothing about these Guitars? Does anyone own or have owned one that tehy can tell me if they are worth $800 It looks to be in very nice condition. I have not played it. Thanks
  17. chef42974


    Last week I posted about it being 21 years since that tragic day when one of the Best Blues guitarists was taken from us. I am asking that in his memory and the memory of his last show Tomorrow night that you all listen to this song, I personally cant listen with out getting choked up and...
  18. chef42974

    Great Deal on a Les Paul???

    OK Team Les Paul, I need your advise. I can get this LEs Paul for $900 cash what are your thoughts? I am interested in resale on it if I ever do so (probably wont).... "Listing" : For sale a 1997 Gibson Les Paul Classic, tobacco sunburst with Seymour Duncan Alnico II pickups. The guitar has...
  19. chef42974

    Great use of a Very Pretty Custom

    One of my favorite songs...............:dude: April Wine - Roller Official Video - YouTube
  20. chef42974

    Help with a Les Paul

    For the record this is the only Picutre I have. I am trying to figure out what model LP this is. I know its a crapy picture and you cant see the head stock but I figure give it a try right. I do know it was bought new about 5 years ago. [/IMG]