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  1. guidothepimmp

    Let’s talk mic pre amps

    Just picked up an Art MPA pro ii. 2 channels. Dont know if its good or bad.. but it seems to have a much nicer response and quality of recording than the ux2. Has a bit of hum though. The interwebs says to try reseat the tubes. First thoughts. Yeh.. happy
  2. guidothepimmp

    Your oldest pedal?

    Tokai fl2. Either late 70s or early 80s. Needs a new input jack though
  3. guidothepimmp

    How do you jam with MP3’s

    Phone or tablet hooked up to the aux on a THR10. Guitar into input of THR10. Hit play. Rock n roll . Only issue is tunes in different keys. So for jamming.. i group my songs into the same key and tunings so i dont have to change guitars every 3 minutes
  4. guidothepimmp

    Late 80s Strat Plus

    Yeh.. they are very quiet pickups. No hums or buzz. Quite clear sounding. The clapton strat has a 20db boost and some fancy treble enhancer.. with no boost engaged.. i think i like it.. with the boost.. it gets a bit squashed and boomy. Thus the treble enhancer... i guess.. i almost just need...
  5. guidothepimmp

    Late 80s Strat Plus

    Congrats. Love that colour I cannot decide if i like lace sensors or not. I have the golds in my clapton blackie strat.. sometimes i think they sound awesome. Other days i hate them.
  6. guidothepimmp

    NGD: 2019 Flying V!

    Congrats. Sexy guitar for sure
  7. guidothepimmp

    Yard Elk

    Elk amps from the 60s and 70s.
  8. guidothepimmp

    Yard Elk

    Pfff. I will admit. I thought it was of the old made in Japan variants.. with valves and whatnot. Yes. I fell for it
  9. guidothepimmp

    Your favorite microphone for a guitar amp?

    I only recently got into the recording space.. and due to tight budgets.. have pretty budget mics. I used a behringer c3 condenser mic to track my guitars recently. One run through an 11R.. another run through a ux2. It was a lot crisper through the ux2. So.. i think the mic is fair. But my...
  10. guidothepimmp

    Starting my colonoscopy prep in a few minutes.......

    Some funny posts in here. But a seriously necessary test and check. I know of 2 people in the last 3 months that have been diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. Dont ignore cramps folks.
  11. guidothepimmp

    Beers that suck...

    Hate to be that guy... but IPA beer. I am sooooo over IPAs. Even the smell puts me off. I do like lagers, pilseners and weiss beers though
  12. guidothepimmp

    MATH is

    Obviously an acute case of butthurt going on in this thread. You are all being very obtuse. Its obvious that math is the root (square) of the problem here. Its just like trig. Cos trig is sin. Where else can you openly refer to numbers as odd. See the common denominator here?
  13. guidothepimmp

    MATH is

  14. guidothepimmp

    What Make Of Chorus?

    Eh.. im out. Only chorus i have is a morley. It has a huge footprint though. Bloody big box. Great sound though
  15. guidothepimmp

    Guys, I need some serious advice

    Tough love time. Difficult. But necessary
  16. guidothepimmp

    I dont own a marshall amp and i "need" one.

    Yup. You need a marshall. Do it. Then get a splawn
  17. guidothepimmp

    Tell me what an idiot I am, please

    Lifes too short. If you can afford it.. do it
  18. guidothepimmp

    Tube Amp Myths

    Tube amps need to be dimed to sound good
  19. guidothepimmp

    I love a good movie insult

    Many of my favourite movie insults come out of "Full Metal Jacket". Some priceless chirps in there
  20. guidothepimmp

    Post Your Pedal Board Order

    Depends on the rig. For normal raunchy rock.. guitar into korg tuner > boss stack 2 > amp input For the orange rig. Guitar > korg tuner > boss stack 2 > bbe green screamer > klon clone. In the loop.. morley chorus > delay > reverb Both sets run into a jamman looper. Into the bass amp and...