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  1. King Minimoose

    Double gig bag for Les Pauls

    Hello all, I'm looking for a gig bag that can carry two lesters. Does anyone have experiences with cases like this and can recommend one? I've been looking at the Reunion blues RBX. I think mono makes one. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. King Minimoose

    NGD Greco LP

    Hello all... again. My Dad has bought another MIJ LP and vows that this is the last one (we'll see about that). Anyway, here are some pictures. He knows what year and model it is, just thought I should share.
  3. King Minimoose

    Jeff Beck Pickups

    Hello all, I was driving around the other day and realized that there are no pickup makers that make a Jeff Beck set (please do not say "Well the Duncan JB stands for..."). The dude is one of if not the most influential guitarists ever yet nothing. I know that he has a style and tone that no...
  4. King Minimoose

    Another NGD Burny Super Grade

    Hello all, My dad has done it again and bought another MIJ Lester. This time it's a Burny Super Grade from I think 1984, I can't remember. Anyway, he asked me to post it up here to find out more about it. I couldn't find any serial number or anything. Neck is on the thinner side. Body looks to...
  5. King Minimoose

    Famous Plain Top Burst Players

    Hello all, My dad and I recently bought a plain top MIJ LP and it made me start thinking of iconic plain top bursts, but I couldn't think of any. I think Clapton's and Koss' brown burst was kind of a plain top, and the beano burst looks plain in some pictures I've seen. Any others?
  6. King Minimoose

    NGD Incoming Rockinn Les Paul

    Hello all. The MIJ bug has got me bad. My dad and I bought a Rockinn LP off Reverb today. I think it was up on there for two years because of the incorrect name. It's supposed to ship out tomorrow. We think it looks nice, and I was able to figure out what it is through the forum. Will post more...
  7. King Minimoose


    Does anyone have any experiences with Telebird/Firecaster builds? (a firebird with telecaster routing and a bolt-on neck) I remember seeing the on Greg Koch has, and I've had an inkling for a firbird I but they are quite pricey. I thought it might be a cool guitar that's different. Any thoughts...
  8. King Minimoose

    ESDS 335 Wiring

    Hello all. Does anyone know anything about the wiring in a 2008/2009 ESDS 335? I've had it for a number of years now and am contemplating changing the pickups on it. I was looking to see what caps it has and it seems that it doesn't have any. Is that the case or am I just blind? I know that it...
  9. King Minimoose

    Any MG/Classic British Car Owners out There

    I always joke that I have some of the most expensive hobbies one can have like guitars, fishing, video games... last and most likely the most costly is classic car ownership. I have a 1974 MGB GT which I'm currently working on (and always will be. I can make this joke because I actually own...
  10. King Minimoose

    NAD Vox Brian May VBM-1

    Hello all, I was visiting some family friends in Medford this weekend. My girlfriend and I were walking around town when we passed a pawn shop. Since there aren't very many pawn shops around my neck of the woods, I took a glance through the window and noticed a tiny white Vox amp sitting there...
  11. King Minimoose

    Treble Booster/ Brian May-esque tones

    Hello internet, I'm looking for a treble booster that when paired with a Z-Wreck with Alnico blues will help me get that Brian May like tone. I want that extra oomph to make the tone even sweeter. I played the Catalinbread Galileo today at a local store and really liked it, but I'm afraid of...
  12. King Minimoose

    Interesting (possibly) new info on Clapton's Bluesbreakers tone

    Hello all, this may be old news but it's new to me. I was watching a recent episode of That Pedal Show on youtube where they were discussing pedals based on the Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal from the early 90s. In the video, Mick was talking about Clapton's famous tone on the Beano album and their...
  13. King Minimoose

    My Entry into the World of MIJ Single-Cuts (Edwards)

    Hello everyone, I'm officially new here but I have been perusing through the forums without an account for quite some time, so I guess I've made my presence known now. I've been reading about various MIJ Single-Cut guitars for a couple of months now, and discovered that I found quite the...