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    Why aren't you gigging tonight (Happy New Year)

    I'm retired, and though I thought I'd gig more than ever, the opposite has happened. I got a belly-full of clubs and have retired from that too. Plus we've had family health issues. Nobody called me. Good!:rock: I still enjoy music and playing guitar more than ever, but the local scene is...
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    Witch hats

    Norlin put these on black Customs?
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    Enthusiasm for LP's is not waning.

    After returning recently from the dark side, to Gibson Les Pauls (I guess I needed seasoning), my enthusiasm seems to still be growing. I'm glad my sentence among the rabble was long enough to make me appreciate a guitar that just works, without nagging little issues like uneven notes and...
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    Sweet spot for harmonics

    This might be better off posted in the Tone Quest board here, but pursuant to your Les Paul: do you have any spots on your neck that break into harmonic orbit? I've had some guitars that got certain notes that just lept off into harmonic octaves, but since putting '57 Classics in my Studio...
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    That massive LP punch.

    Along the same lines as the "LP's are for dirt" thread. I just love the wallop and grind a humbuckered Les Paul gives through a decent amp. I could never afford a '55 Chevy with big meats and a blown big block, but a Les Paul is the guitar equivalent. They should have a "Pinks" show on...
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    Youze guys like LP Juniors?

    I don't see a lot of representation here, though I'm sure there has been somewhere. I had a '93 with a thin neck (good for carpal tunnel surgery recovery) and the snottiest P-100 sound. Really terrible. Great guitar though.
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    LP's and so-called "Southern Rock"

    Duane and Dickey and all the rest! Great sounds on a LOT of records. I'm sure it's been discussed here before, but I just heard "Gimmee Three Steps," and remember Rossington, etc. Sounds like a Les Paul to me!:applause: Also in the same vein, but not so Southern, Gary Richrath: REO...
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    'Nuther new guy and a geezer besides

    All my Gibsons have been used except an old J-45 I grew up on ('61). I've had a LP Studio Gothic for a while now (cheapest maple cap LP I could find when the time came). Before this I had another (wine) Studio. And before that some other cheaper ones like a yellow DC w P-90's, a Special w...