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    Post a picture of yourself! With LP or W/O!!!! :D

    This is what my family calls "that" look. As in "Ya better knock it off Billy, dad's getting "that" look! They think I'm the Great Santini. My former jazz guitar ('07 Heritage H-575):
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    Show me your archtops & hollow bodies

    Probably how much money Gibson - Memphis, was losing to Terada - Japan.:slash:
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    How long have you been playing guitar?......

    I started playing guitar in 1960, at age ten. But there are infants now who play better'n me. I'm loud, though. And have more stamina than them lil' bastiges!
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    Show me your archtops & hollow bodies

    No longer own this '05 Gretsch 6120BS, but I still have the strap my brother made for me 30 years ago. My '07 Heritage H-575 is probably the best so-called "jazz" guitar I've ever had. Actually all solid maple! Currently for sale at a local store. I'm happier now with my...
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    Anyone use GHS Nickel Rockers?

    I like the GHS Nickel Rockers in 11's. Years ago they were called "Pro-Formula." Same mashed formula though: they roll them down a little. In my ears they have a snarkey midrange sound I like a lot, but in years past on some guitars that was not what I wanted. I presently use them on...
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    Speed Knobs?

    Nobody cared about speed knobs until the slot car racers in the biblical times started the trend with bigger diamond tread rubber tires from NYC. Then coated glue onto slicks for the first few laps of domination and intimidation. Then Ibanez added a rubber traction gripper to their version of...
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    Pics of My Firechicken

    Schweet! I love that color. What's the deal with Firebird mini-humbuckers, are they hot ceramics?
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    ES-135 players?

    Thanks for the new background, sliding tom! My 2000 looks just llike yours, except for the thumbcutters (indicator pointers) and knobs (mine has speedknobs without the thumbcutters), and is sans the plastic toggle switch instructions/washer.
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    ES-135 players?

    Wow! That is way cool. What a deal you fell into. That's nice looking wood too. Will make for a nice looking ax when finished. Certainly has possibilities.
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    ES-135 players?

    Welp, I'm not intending to change mine. Not that they have their own particular "sound." Once I backed 'em away from the strings they got a lot better sounding. Not really a single coil sound. Definitely a humbucker sound, but along the lines maybe of mini-humbuckers. So far I'm likin'...
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    ES-135 players?

    A very versatile guitar indeed. I don't even have to walk over to my amp to change from jazz to Rock&Roll sounds.:cool:
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    ES-135 players?

    You're right! And besides, I make it a habit not to argue with anybody packin' two 1911's! :wave:
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    ES-135 players?

    Oh I went to Junior College and got a two year degree in music. It took me YEARS to get that garbage out of my playing!!! It just doesn't get any better than Bluesy Wes Montomery octaves, and he figured guitar out on his back porch! :h5:
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    ES-135 players?

    Well it certainly has that shape and vibe, although structurally it's more like a ES-335. A lot of jazz guys use full hollow archtops (then there's those with Telecasters). It's a mistake to think of jazz as somehow unattainable and mysterious. It's just another style of music with sort of a...
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    What is your favorite amp???? Any sound clips???

    I use one of two Tech 21 Trademark 60's. My favorite all around amp for the last dozen years. One is totally beat up, the other is newer. The beat up one sounds better: still has the original speaker (well broken in and fuller).
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    what neck on ES-135?

    My 2000 ES-135 seems like the basic '59 rounded. Smaller maybe, but that profile. The profile on my LP Studio is about the same but slightly larger. And I've seen some that were larger still but "rounded '59" profile was claimed. The "rounded '59" profile varies in size. Not sure if that's year...
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    Is this ES135 real ??

    Those look real to me. Epiphone makes a version now, but those look like Gibsons to me. I've seen models of each like the pics before, plus others.
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    ES-135 players?

    Hey Howdy, Yeah I saw your pic at the other site (I'm the new geezer at Gibson Forum, or one of them), when I posted my find yesterday. I'm still trying to get some pics up (I'll post 'em both places). For me, the concept of the ES-135 really makes sense to me (and they're a LOT cheaper...
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    Probably The Greatest Flametop I've Ever Seen!

    This stuff gives me a hardon. All of them!
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    Another Burstbucker Question...

    I had Burstbuckers #1's in my Studio for awhile. They were not wax potted. They also did not squeal at some very high volumes, but the harmonic overtones were easy to get. I've heard people say wax potting kills tone somehow, but I have a Rio Grande BBQ Bucker that's wax potted and gets the...