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  1. Lefty Elmo

    New Vintage Guitar Day! Rare Lefty!!!

    I saw this pop up on Facebook and said to myself, "Oh shit!, well here's another dream guitar that I won't be able to afford!"When I scrolled through the description and got to the price, I thought I might be able to pull it off.. My wife was on board, and so was my credit union. Alex, from...
  2. Lefty Elmo

    Summer Philly 2018

    Is there going to be a MLP table at The Philly Show in July?
  3. Lefty Elmo

    A Vox State of Mind!

    This 1965 Cambridge followed me home for a test-run. I haven't made up my mind about buying it yet, but it sure looks cool next to my early 1966 Berkeley. Both are the all-tube versions.
  4. Lefty Elmo

    Anyone Here Ever Have To Deal With A Pinched Nerve?

    I haven't been to my doc yet, (but will soon) but pretty sure I have a pinched nerve. I have pain that is most intense in my neck and shoulder, that radiates to my bicep and also to my hand, leaving my fingers numb and tingly and weak. Anyone who's had this issue? What did you do about it? This...
  5. Lefty Elmo

    New Vintage Amp Day, Pt 2!

    Back in March, I bought a 1966 Vox Berkeley Super Reverb Twin, from The HOG. I bought the head only. I looked for the cab several times, but couldn't locate it. Saturday, I was at The HOG with my daughter, and found the speaker cab and cart. Today, a deal was struck and it came home with me. As...
  6. Lefty Elmo


    Scored this beautiful 1966 Vox Berkeley Super Reverb Twin. 17 watts of massive tone!!!
  7. Lefty Elmo

    So, "Doug and Pat Show" Fans, Question For You

    I'm going to Portland in a couple weeks, and contacted Doug and Pat for the purpose of an interview with them. They were happy to accept and invited me to Doug's home, which is were the show is filmed. I'm asking our members, for input. Anything you would like me to ask them?:)
  8. Lefty Elmo

    Lefty R8 Historic Makeover!

    I got this last year in a trade with our own Barker. Full "Real Deal Series" makeover from Historic Makeovers, including a beautiful Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard. 8.55 lbs. with a resonant, balanced tone, and just a joy to play! An opportunity to acquire a vintage lefty is the reason letting...
  9. Lefty Elmo

    Restoring My 1880 Weber Grand Piano, and The Sweet Smell Of Brazilian Rosewood.

    Back in December I scored this beautiful 1880 Weber grand piano. Paid a whopping $250.00 dollars for it. She's 6' 3" long, with a Roccoco style cabinet in Brazilian Rosewood. I did some modification to the action, (which needs a complete re-build) to bring it into something that even resembles...
  10. Lefty Elmo

    Reunited And It Feels So Good or The Return of Goldie

    In recent communication with our own (Kristian) Barker, (the man, the myth, the legend) he disclosed that "Goldie" might be coming up for sale. Goldie was my 2007 R6/7 conversion makeover that I had traded to him last year for his beautiful HM R8. Well, a deal was struck and Goldie arrived safe...
  11. Lefty Elmo

    2016 Is Almost Here, It's Time For New Pics!

    Just because!
  12. Lefty Elmo

    NVPD! Or, I Got Your Brazilian Rosewood Right Here!!

    New vintage piano day! My wife's cousin is working on an old house, and wanted to know if I wanted to buy the piano that was in the place. He told me I could get it for $250.00. As a piano tuner-technician for almost forty years, I get a lot of these calls, but when he told me it was a Weber, my...
  13. Lefty Elmo

    Ready For A Good Cry? Especially Dog Lovers.

    My parents showed me this and I brought tears to my eyes.
  14. Lefty Elmo

    Could We Have A "Tour Your Favorite Dealer " Thead?

    Maybe even make it a "Sticky"! Most of you know I'm partial to the HOG. They are my local dealer, and have done me right for 38 years that I've shopped there. But I'd love to visit some of the other dealers who help this Forum great and aren't local to me. I'm wondering if we could have a thread...
  15. Lefty Elmo

    New Vintage Amp Day!!!

    A while back I went to Rumble seat Music, and was blown away by a 1948 Gibson GA-50 amp. Unfortunately they weren't interested in selling it. Ok, The HOG to the rescue! In their stash of vintage amps I found TWO early 1950s GA-50T amps. (the "T" is the tremolo equipped version of the GA-50]...
  16. Lefty Elmo

    NDD (New Dog Day!)

    Gawd, I can't stand it! How freakin' cute! This is a new addition to our home, an 11 week-old Golden-Doodle, Bo. Great dog, smart, fuzzy and funny!
  17. Lefty Elmo

    PSA: Beautiful "Nicky"

    I hadn't been over to the HOG in a while, so I stopped over there today, and asked Curt if he had a "Nicky" I could check out. He didn't let me down, and neither did Gibson. These are gorgeous!! If Gibson made a more beautiful Les Paul, I have yet to see it. But of course, no lefties.
  18. Lefty Elmo

    Two Lefty 'Birds

    I've sold my Firebird, but before she heads off to her new home, a friend suggested we get our "Birds together for a once-ib-a-lifetime photo of two really cool guitars.
  19. Lefty Elmo

    R8 Historic Makeover "Barker Burst" Live and Loud!

    I got called to play in the worship band at my wife's church this Sunday. After Thursday's rehearsal, we broke out in to an impromptu jam. Needless to say, I won't be playing this on Sunday! My recent arrival, "The Barker Burst" into my 1962 Fender Deluxe Amp, with a little bit of a Jetter...